Cruising for sex locations in ohio.

Cruising for sex locations in ohio.

Bill couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

Becky cautiously unzipped Bill’s pants as Breeze made her way towards them.

You like her, don’t you? Don’t fight it.

I bet she wants to see your hard white cock, his wife whispered seductively in his ear.

Bill caught a whiff of a strange but familiar scent. Best webcam girls videos.

A scent of sex but it wasn’t his wife’s smell.

He sniffed again but the smell was gone but it aroused him still.

Closer, Breeze came, spending a little time with each male patron in the front row, teasing them with her caramel colored breasts, large dark areole and hard nipples. Charlotte93 webcam live chat with hot sexy indian girls.

Becky pulled out Bill’s cock tip which was already coated with pre-cum.


Bill was getting nervous and looked around, luckily they were sitting at the edge of the stage against the wall so no one could see his exposed cock except Becky and the stage dancer. Reallifecam nina and kira sex.

Breeze noticed Bill and Becky, as she got closer to them.

Bill squirmed and let out a moan as Becky wrapped her still warm panties around his swollen cock and teased his wet pee slit with her thumb.

Stop it honey, he meekly protested as he fought off the urge to cum. Mens sexy mesh underwear.

Becky sensed he was close as well but continued knowing that she needed to keep him on edge.

Stop it or what? Are you going to take me over your lap and spank your naughty wife? she teased.

Breeze was now in front of Becky showing off her breasts.


Her white miniskirt was just clinging barely to Breeze’s hips as she moved over to Bill. Hot erotic sex stories.

She looked down and noticed Bill’s cock tip gleaming in the light and licked her lips seductively.

She bent over and shoved her nude breasts inches from his face as she whispered to him, Lovely white cock, I bet you would love me to suck it.

Bill was on fire. Brook888 sex.

He so wanted Breeze and felt cum building in his balls but then Becky squeezed his balls hard and he yelped in pain and his erection momentarily subsided.

Breeze’s dress then fell down and exposed a tiny pink G-string.

Bill’s cock stiffened once again as he reached to stroke it himself. Extreme really sexy naked women.


Becky brushed his hand away as Breeze swirled around exposing her tight caramel colored cheeks to Bill.

Becky continued to tease Bill’s cock as Breeze pushed her ass out smothering Bill’s face for just a brief second.

Oh fuck! Bill gasped.

You want her, don’t you? Beautiful webcam teen. Becky asked, already knowing the answer.

Yes, Bill moaned.

Maybe I should fuck those college boys then, Becky replied as she placed one of Bill’s hands between her thighs.

Oh baby, you are so wet, Bill moaned.

I need you now.

So you want to fuck both of us? Women in loris sc to fuck. You want to fuck Breeze and your slutty wife? Yes, no, oh fuck! Bill gasped as the third and final song began while Breeze removed her G-string and at the same time Becky rubbed Bill’s hand against her own pussy lips.


Bill’s mind was spinning out of control. Valerie kay pics porno.

He wanted Breeze and he wanted to teach his wife a lesson not to tease him so much.

Breeze danced away from them and caught them both staring at her ass as she looked over her shoulder.

Becky felt guilty when she got caught staring at Breeze’s lovely tight ass. Porno bianca breeze nov hd video.

She admired its firmness but she also realized it was much more than that.

The last song was near its end as Breeze again approached them.

She was now dancing for them both seductively with her legs spread wide.

Her hands were sliding erotically over her body; her firm boobs, her flat stomach and then her fingers spread her bright pink, slightly moist pussy petals.

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Becky again squeezed Bill’s balls hard to prevent him from exploding all over the stage.

They were both mesmerized by the contrast between Breeze’s dark skin, closely cropped black bush and her bright pink and wet lips.

Breeze then reached out her hand and let Becky taste her nectar while Bill looked on in hunger for them both. Xnxx sex bomb.

Breeze then danced in front of Bill again, whose cock was now fully exposed with Becky’s wet panties wrapped around it.

Breeze eyed the panties and quickly snatched them from Becky’s grasp.

We have a naughty lady here, she announced to the audience as cheers went up from the crowd as she twirled the panties in her hand.

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She then tossed the panties into the crowd and the college kid that was eying Becky reached out and grabbed them.

Becky was bright red with embarrassment from being in the spotlight and the thought of getting her panties back.

The song then ended and Breeze bent down to pick up the money on the dance floor. Sexy image image.

Meet me in the private playroom in five minutes, she purred to them both.

Bill looked at Becky, silently looking for approval.

She leaned over, kissed Bill passionately and whispered, Oh shit, what have I done? I don’t know but I am sure I taste pussy on your lips.

Cruising for sex locations in ohio.