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Cute sexy naked guys.

Dev treated me as his elder brother and he would not do anything silly that could hurt our relationship.

In fact, on his own he had assured me of that, right in the beginning, in that party.

If they want to fuck, they would not do it without my knowledge and permission and if they do it with my permission, I had no problem in their fucking. Free sex chat in shuikoufenhsien.

I knew that out of the two, Ritu was much more sensible.

She would not do anything rash to hurt our married life.

She was also like a tigress.

If she lost her temper, she would not waste a minute to throw Dev out of the house.

She was powerful enough to control Dev. Webcam blonde ass.

In the past too she had dealt firmly with Dev.


Dev was also afraid of his wife.

All four of us would check the other if the time came.

Thus there were at least three checks to prevent anyone from spinning out of control; if we do not consider our kids, that is. Douro sex chat online.

Thus all my concerns were suitably addressed.

Besides, I knew that Ritu loved me too much to risk our married life.

She very well knew the difference between love and sex.

Finally I brushed off the clutter of doubts with a single argument that if I kept on thinking too much, I would never be able to move forward. Evalunats live nacked girls sex chat mobile.

Now the main challenge remained of making our wives accept our ideas favourably.

Then a thought cropped up in my mind.


Women are inherently jealous.

They would never be able to see their husband fuck another woman, even if her husband was fucking her.

If we try and convince one, then the other might back out or create obstacles. Sexy girl cams xxx free no sign up.

Besides, there will always be that question, why should I be the first? Let the other one take the initiative.

This was a big question.

Then suddenly a solution flashed in mind.

Since Dev and I were on the same page, why not Dev and I work on one wife first and get her to a situation, where she succumbs to our temptations and accepts to be shared. Dirtycouple sexy chats alive of nude girls online.

Then the three including the wife shared, will work on the one wife remaining.


It would not be difficult to break through the resistance of the other wife, because the first wife will be our supporter.

This seemed like a very workable solution.

Besides, I was not prepared to wait to see Dev fuck Ritu with me in an MMF threesome. Biancaloveyou sexy dog girl sex.

Having worked so hard to remove suspicions from Ritu’s mind for Dev and bring Dev and Ritu closer, I did not want to let this opportunity slip away.

I was going crazy at the thought of getting my wife Ritu fucked by Dev with me.

I wanted see how dev fucked her, how she would react to Dev’s fucking her, how many orgasms she would have and how I would fuck her with Dev working on her breasts or feeding his cock in her mouth.

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I was desperate to get dev in our bed.

I saw Dev as the most suitable candidate.

He was willing and so was I.

He had gained favourable access to my wife, was a big plus for him.

Besides, he was bound to keep our illicit relationship under wraps in his own interest. Carissya www online chat sex bd com.

Dev and I had managed to soften up my wife a little towards Dev.

However, for our plan to succeed, we had to break the wall of Ritu’s resistance completely.

I knew Dev’s craze for my wife.

I was convinced that with Dev’s reputation, if Dev found even a little bit of positive vibe from Ritu, he will not spare her. New fresno hot sex.

If he senses a little bit of weakening of her resistance, he will somehow persuade her, entice her, convince her and do everything possible to lead her to a situation where she might agree to get fucked by him.


But I had to make sure that nothing went wrong. Videos webcam sex alberta.

First thing I had to do was to fix Dev’s name repeatedly in my wife’s mind as a wonderful sexy person and try and create a desire for Dev in her mind discreetly.

Cute sexy naked guys.