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I had always been extremely close to Christie, probably partially because of my lack of intimacy with her mother through much of our marriage.

We became that much closer when Chris left us.

She seemed to hold up well, considering.

I told her all the time that her mother didn’t leave because of her. Carollyn sex.

I told her that her mother loved her, it’s just that sometimes mommies and daddies, blah, blah, blah.

It would have been easier if the bitch would at least call her daughter more often.

As for me? If I missed having a cat, I figured I could scatter hair on all my clothes and furniture, put a litter box full of shit in the utility room, scatter vomit in unexpected places throughout the house and have the experience without the vet bills.

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As for missing Chris? We hadn’t had sex in over a year by the time she left.

I missed sex miserably, but not Chris.

And I didn’t miss sex enough to make it worth dating.

My friends tried to set me up all the time, and I tried a few times, but every time it was a miserable failure. Sex chat ontext.

I was mother and father to that child, in addition to working a demanding job.

The only good thing that I did while married was make the sacrifice to get a college degree.

I took classes nights and weekends for six years, in addition to working full time. Arianna huffington sexy.

So at least I was able to take care of Christie on a single father’s salary.

I threw myself into being the best dad I could.


I was at all the school events, parent’s night, PTA meetings, you name it.

I checked her homework every night, read her papers, helped her with math. Live tamil sex chat in mobile.

We did everything together; movies, skating, date nights.

When she went through puberty it was a bit awkward.

Of course, that’s an awkward age no matter how many parents you have, but the first time she had her period, I had to have a talk with her.

No dad should have to be the one to have that talk. Deaf chat sext meet hot black woman.

Don’t they have that talk in the fifth grade like they did when I was a kid? Probably not.

We live in Texas, where people think it’s immoral to educate kids in school about their bodies.

I can still remember that night; she came to me, thinking something was wrong, and told me she was bleeding.

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When she told me where, I immediately knew what was going on.

I told her to use a washcloth while I went out to get pads.

How the hell was I to know what kind? Why are there so many damn brands and styles? How many different shapes do women need? To wing, or not to wing? Webcam boy handjob porno. I got a few different kinds and took them home.

We sat at the table, embarrassed, reading the instructions.

She picked one out, and we got a pair of her panties and figured out how to attach them, then she went to the bathroom to clean up and try it out. 100 free sex chat with women.

I hoped that would be the last time I’d ever have to do anything like that.

Poor kid; every time she saw me for a month her face would turn red.


I figured out what kind to buy her by seeing which box was almost empty, and kept those on my shopping list. She tricked him bisexual.

I could tell from her laundry that it took her a while to figure it out.

Poor kid; I hoped she wouldn’t be embarrassed by an accident at school.

I can understand why Chris left me, but why couldn’t she be part of her daughter’s life? As Christie grew, she became more independent and more plugged in to activities at school. Local sex text chat.

She was into the theater arts department, and would stay after school for hours practicing.

She had private singing lessons twice a week, and dance lessons three times a week.

She was becoming very talented, and it was keeping her in great shape.


Her junior year, she got the part of Liza Doolittle in the school’s production of My Fair Lady. Sex in the city sex moments samantha.

A great coup for a junior.

I was proud of her.

Her growing independence enabled me to concentrate on work, and spend more time at the office.

I moved up in my company, and my future looked bright.

Maybe when Christie moved off to college, I would date and entertain lady friends. Cam video free sexchat room chinese girl.

I might even remarry.

I was still only thirty seven, and I missed female companionship desperately.

On Christie’s eighteenth birthday I decide to leave the office early; something I never did.

It was Friday, the one night of the week that her Theater Arts director never had anything scheduled, so I hoped she’d be home.

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I had bought her a car, and I wanted to give it to her as a surprise.

It was a red, two door Acura, very sporty, only two years old.

It was a lot of money, but she would need a reliable car when she started college in just a few months.

I knew she would love it. Usa sex chat online.

I picked it up at the dealership and tied a big blue bow to the top.

I planned to have her drive me back later to pick up my car.

The garage door opener was in my car, so I had to park in the driveway.

Luckily I had my front door key.

Her door key was on the table by the front door, so I knew she was home. Sign up for free sex chat.

I was so excited.

This was the greatest birthday gift ever.

I was as happy for her as I knew she would be.


I had an ear to ear smile, thinking about the look on her face when she saw the car in the driveway.

I looked in the study, where she did her schoolwork, but she wasn’t there, so I continued down the hall to her room.

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