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When at last she was still, I took Hilary in my arms, and we just cuddled quietly until we heard Pete shout up the stairs that breakfast was ready and if we didn't hurry he would have eaten it all.

We got up rather languidly and slipped on a couple of robes before going downstairs to join Pete in the kitchen. Www canada live sexe com.

After a leisurely and companionable breakfast, Hilary and I showered together and she finally left to go home just before lunchtime, embracing us both and thanking us for a very lovely night, her voice full of deep emotion.

Pete and I didn't bother with lunch but went back to bed, where we stayed until it was time to get up and prepare the evening meal. Tamanna hot sex photo.


My feelings were partly relief that things had gone so well and that we had all reached new heights of sexual and emotional pleasure, but mainly deep happiness and contentment.

Pete and I have talked about that night many times since, and we both agree that it put new life into our relationship, and sex has been so much more exciting and adventurous ever since. Cute girls on webcam.

Hilary joined a dating site the following week and went out with a number of men over the next few months, one or two of whom she introduced to us.

Nothing permanent seemed to be coming of it although she was much more happy and contented, until she met her present partner. Bestboyxxx wwwusa sexe video 18 com.

Doug is a few years older than her, a widower whose wife had died of breast cancer.


Strangely it was not through the dating site that they came together, but a support group for people who had lost a loved one to cancer.

They had actually met occasionally at meetings, but Hilary had just not noticed him in that way. Augisbraz no regestration adult sex chat.

They are now thinking about moving in together, which is wonderful news.

Pete and Hilary have not had any sort of sexual relationship since that night, although they remain very affectionate in the way of close friends.

She and I have continued to be lovers however, although we have not become part of the lesbian scene. Kinky sex date in summerhill pa. swingers kinkycouples sex..

We did go to a lesbian burlesque show one night, but we left after a couple of hours as we were both somewhat put off by the underlying sadomasochism of some of the acts and neither of us were interested in group sex.


To be completely honest we are not all that interested in pornography either, finding that it is the tactile nature of nakedness that we enjoy rather than the visual. Pysy74 online sex video chat for mobile.

We usually get together once or twice a week after the gym, when we go back to one or the other of our homes.

Sometimes we lie in bed naked just cuddling and talking, at other times we make love and have learned over the months just how to give each other the most wonderful orgasms. Only sexy man.

We have experimented with different toys including a strap-on dildo, but recently I bought a feeldoe, which has allowed us to experience simultaneous climaxes of extraordinary intensity.

We have also been away for a few long weekends at a lovely health spa in the Yorkshire dales, where we have enjoyed nice walks during the day, hand in hand, followed by nights of love after a pleasant intimate candlelit dinner.

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In many ways I suppose I now have the best of both worlds with a loving husband and beautiful children and a female lover.

I know that I love Pete and Hilary equally; both of them are wonderful in bed but in different ways, and my life seems complete in a way I could not have imagined before that night. Arianna porno.

ooOoo Janice's Story: The Sequel.

My name is Shelly Baker and I am a reporter for the magazine True Erotic Confessions.

I originally interviewed Janice a couple of years ago for a new category of story about wives who got pleasure from sharing their husbands with other women.

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