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It was really unnecessary because he had long ago transferred his money and ID to a money belt strapped to his waist.

His left hand hit something, and he saw the young man who he encountered in the shop stepping around him.

Pardon, he said, follow me.

He said racing past and into the first shop on his right. Web chat sexi room.

Chaz followed cautiously to the shop.

The young man, wearing a long sleeved white shirt, like most of the Mexican males he had observed, motioned toward him.

Senor, you are in danger.

Follow me.

He said in barely understandable English.

Chaz hesitated.

Was this some kind of trap? Hornyshellia free sexcams for mobiles. Was there really a danger or was this young Mexican the danger?

He put his hands in front of him and walked slowly into the shop, and the young man stepped back.

Senor, there is a gang of toughs looking to mug Americans and they are right behind you.

I bumped you on purpose in the street to get your attention. Im horny and drunk that cavalier north dakota hard fucking.

Come with me deeper into the shop so they will not notice you.

Chaz looked all around and vigilantly followed him toward the back of the establishment.

Aren’t you the one who asked me if I was interested in girls? Si Senor, I’m a recruiter for a pimp who has a small stable of girls but I’m not into violence, and I don’t believe that we Mexicans should be attacking and robbing Americans. Mint kitty webcam model.


They waited together, in silence, hiding behind a counter of dolls.

I will show you a way out of here that is safe.

The youth said.

Chaz hesitated but carefully followed him out a hidden back door into a dimly lit alley.

About half way down the trash lined backstreet the boy stopped, turned and said. Malayalam webcam video.

Senor I’m afraid I lied to you, may Jesus forgive my sin.

As he finished his confession, four additional youths stepped out of the shadows.

One, the tallest, and none of them were tall, held a long knife at his side.

Senior, we would like your wallet without any trouble please? Teen kissing webcam. Ok, ok, Chaz responded and reached for his left rear pocket, removed his wallet and handed it to the young man.


He quickly rummaged through the wallet but only found two dollars and no form of identification.


He said.

I don’t believe you came to Juarez on Friday night with only two American dollars. Cam sex live adult web cams.

Where is the remainder of your money? He asked.

If you do not give it freely then we will be forced to search and take it from you.

Chaz thought to himself, how in the hell did I let myself get into this? l can’t fight five of them especially since one has a knife and the others may be armed also, and I can’t run because I don’t know where I am. Free online vepcam sex.

Ok, Chaz said reluctantly.

I’ve got a money belt around my waist.

I’ll take it off and give it to you.

Removing the strap, he noticed all five of them were grinning.


Taking the belt the young man quickly discovered the two twenty dollar bills and his military ID card. Nika n porno.

Thank you, Senor, for your contribution to the church of thieves.

Here is your wallet and ID.

Didn’t the instructors at the fort tell you not to walk alone in Juarez at night? He stopped, smiled and then said, Pedro.

CHAPTER SIX DISCOVERED Chaz remembered nothing until he woke in the middle of the alley, thinking he heard and felt rodents running over him. Girls for sex 23455.

His head was throbbing, and his back, shoulder, and ribs were on fire.

He must have been hit from behind and then beaten.

Trying to raise himself, he fell to the ground.

It hurt too much to move.

I’ll just lie here awhile and see if I can move later.


He passed out, because of the pain that racked his body. Laverkin fuck me.

The sound of voices awakened him a second time.

He had no idea what time it was.

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