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Can we just see you two kiss once? Bob asked.

Sure, Brett replied just before he kissed me once.

The kiss lasted for about a minute and then they both just cracked huge smiles.

This is my sister and we have sex occasionally, simple as that, Brett said.

We can see that, but you'll have to tell us more, Gabriela replied. Sexy woman lick cock and fuck.

Then they both left and went back into the living room.

So that was interesting sis, Brett said.

Yeah no shit, well I guess we should go and get dressed now, I replied.

Then we both got up and I got dressed as he went over to his room.

I got dressed rather slowly honestly because even though they weren't mad, I was still dreading it as if I was having major surgery.

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I got out my bra and panties and put them on.

Then I got out a shirt and a pair of shorts as well, after I was dressed I walked to the door very slowly.

I just stood by the door for a minute, and I knew that Brett would come in the room with me, and sure enough he did. Hookup free live sex.

Nervous? Brett asked.

Yes, they are gonna grill us like there is no freaking tomorrow Brett.

I don't wanna go out there, I replied.

Well you got me sis, don't forget that, Brett said.

I know, but this still sucks, I replied.

Hey, you sucked last night and I wasn't complaining, Brett said. Free women to women chat site no sign up webcams.

Then I laughed, that made me feel better, although it wasn't making me wanna run out there though.


And you were liking it too, I replied.

Damn right sis, now let's go face the music together, Brett said.

Then he gave me a kiss and we both went out to the living room where they were locked and loaded with questions. Worlds first porno movie.

We both felt like we were on huge job interviews, but the boss was more than ready to grill until you just snapped.

We sat down together and waited for the first question to fly out of their mouths.

Well I guess the biggest question on our minds is, are you pregnant? Sex freetamil. Bob asked.

No, I'm not pregnant daddy, I replied.

OK, Bob said.

I thought they'd be more relived honestly, but they weren't, almost disappointed.

Were you hoping I was pregnant? I asked.


Well 51% yes and 49% no.

We just would like a grandchild sooner or later is all, and your brother is someone that would be a good fit for you, Gabriela replied. Mature woman needs sex gravesend.

OK then, well we're really just having sex right now.

We're not planning on getting pregnant honestly, but if it does happen we'll let you know right away, is that fine for now? I asked as I got up.

No, sit down.

Don't worry we're not mad, we just wanna get some facts. Private free no signup sex chat.

If he gets you pregnant, are you gonna wanna raise the baby with him? Bob asked.

I wondered how they could even ask me that honestly.

Yes of course, but we're using protection, so we're good to go, I replied.

They both nodded, not necessarily in approval though.

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Do you really want him to get me pregnant? I asked.

Well we're not saying that exactly, I guess we just assumed that you two were really together, and not just hooking up we guess, Gabriela replied.

They really were disappointed, I guess they really were expecting me to say I was pregnant. Sex local mountain rest south carolina.

Well, we're getting really close, but we'll see where things go I guess, Brett replied.

OK then, well how did this start then? Gabriela asked.

I was a little embarrassed honestly, I mean I just asked him to do it with me and he said yes, would they really just wanna hear it like that? Sex at home hidden camera. Well there was only one way to find out.


Well I guess over the past few years I've developed a little crush on him and short story really short, I asked him to do it with me and he eventually said yes because he loves me, and I convinced him that we were both mature to at least try it together, the next thing you know, we're doing whenever we can, I replied.

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