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After sucking all three men, I was happy the third one was the best.

Sucking a ten inch dick was always a pleasure, but knowing I was turning on Harry and Phillip while I did it made it even more special.

I had already made them both cum once and now they were ready to cum again from jerking off while I performed on Dick's ten incher. Sex videos of big tit mpms.

As soon as the flood of cum from Dick's big one shot into my mouth, it started pouring down my throat in big gobs.

I have good reflex action in my throat and I was able to keep sucking on him while he shot load after into my mouth.

It really was amazing to be draining a big ten inch cock for my big stud with the broad shoulders who was treating me like a little fuckboy.

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Now, he knew this little fuckboy could swallow everything he had and keep sucking him to increase his pleasure.

It was a trick I had learned being a tranny hooker at the adult bookstore.

A lot of girls stop sucking after a man cums.

But I learned to accentuate their pleasure by keeping full pressure of my lips and tongue on them while they shoot their loads straight down my throat. Talk to teens about sex.

I got lots of practice sucking 6 to10 different men and night.

And now I was an expert cum-guzzler and my big stud Dick was getting the full pleasure of my earlier sexual experiences.

"Oh, fuck," said Dick.

"You are wonderful, Courtney.

" I could tell by the tone of his voice that his respect for me was growing at that moment.

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Before that, he just thought of me as a wannbe chick.

But now he was learning I was a real pro and he told me at the end of the weekend that he never had better blow jobs than the ones I gave him.

And he tipped me two hundred dollars also.

He said the way I kept sucking him hard while he was cumming was sensational. Garrera mexcan webcam sex chat.

Some girls think swallowing cum is icky.

But, to me, it's the juice that makes me loose.

The more cum I swallowed, the kinkier I got.

And, right now, with this huge cumload I was swallowing for Dick, I was ready to get way kinky this trip.

Up in the cockpit, the boys were smiling watching me be the best slutty stewardess they had ever seen.

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And I enjoyed putting on the show for them, too.

Now, it was their turns to cum in my mouth again.

I was still slurping up all the hot white semen from Dick's big cock while I pulled it from my mouth.

More cum than I had ever had in my mouth at one time made my mouth as moist as a sweet little pussy. Bikini girls flashing porn fuckbook 2018.

I was planning to use my sweet pussy mouth to give more to Harry and Phillip.

I motioned for them to both cum towards me which they did.

I wanted both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time.

This would let them know I was the right slut for the job this weekend and there was nothing I wouldn't do for them. Looking for sex honolulu cdp.

The plane was on automatic pilot, so Phillip could stand up for me to suck down on my knees.

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I suddenly remembered how thick his eight inch cock was and I knew it would be a tight for to suck him and Harry, at the same time.

Phillip was the aggressor now, wanting to hold the back of my head while he face-fucked my sweet pussy mouth good.

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