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Free sexy chatting sites without registration and only audio.

Ooh yes, yes, yes, that looks so hot, I said.

Seth raised a hand in the air.

Are you ready yet George? You ready to tag team your slut? I WAS a slut and I was in my slut glory.

Two seconds after Seth pulled out, George plunged his cock into me.

I could tell it was George from the way his upturned cock pushed comfortably against my g-spot. Real sex hidden cam videos.

Fuck her hard George but give her back before you blow, Seth told him.

Yeah, fuck me hard…yeah hard, hard, hard! I yelled in rhythm with his thrusts.

Oh yeah, oh God! My body suddenly began to orgasm.

My soft tits were gyrating wildly on my chest at first and I had the urge to put my hands on them but then I was lost in an intense orgasm and pushed against the headboard with my outstretched hands to brace against the pounding.

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I hardly even noticed when George and Seth switched the next time.

I’m not sure if my orgasm actually passed, but Seth was hard pounding his cock into me again and I had no control over anything.

Then it was George again and then Seth again, each one going at me so hard I was never let down from a kind of orgasmic high. Totaly free pone sex chats.

Time seemed to slow and stretch out.

I tried to get a grip on reality by counting strokes after one change, but I lost count somewhere in the teens when my orgasm grew intense again.

Come in me I’m on the pill, I yelled.

I began wanting it to end, I was sweating so much my hair was wet, and my pussy was beginning to get sore and a bit dry.

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I was somewhere between delirious and just plain weary.

I wrapped my legs around Seth’s back to hold him there.

But before I knew it he switched with George again.

Come on, George, fill me up, please fill me up.

I enjoyed listening to myself.

My own smutty language added to my excitement and my wetness returned. Dundee wives who fuck.

Seth was standing off to the side and watching my face and slowly stroking his cock.

Please Seth, put your cock in my mouth.

Moments after Seth climbed onto the bed over my head and slid his cock into my mouth George began to grunt out his orgasm.

I loved having a man at each end and I think it had an effect on George too. Milf bts fuck.

He emptied his load inside me, erratically jerking and grunting.


The slickness was a relief to my sore pussy.

When he pulled away, Seth went from astride my head to falling forward onto all fours in sixty-nine position, his cock driving a little deeper into the back of my mouth. Uragankatrine sexchating grils andra.

I was surprised when he pressed his soft tongue against my sensitive clit, just covering it without moving.

After the initial jolt it felt soothing and great, but I was still surprised to have a man get so close to where another man had just come.

I was even more surprised when a moment later he moved his tongue and stabbed it into my pussy. How to sex chat with my boyfriend.

When he removed it I could feel George’s come begin to spill out.

Nice job, George," he said, This cream pie’s a beauty!

Would you mind, or do you want it? This boy was full of surprises.

I’m sure George, who I don’t believe ever even thought of licking a pussy full of come, his own much less another man’s, was as surprised as me. Shantall_sexy free lesbian live cams no sign up.

Uh, no, knock yourself out, he said.

Seth plunged his tongue into my pussy repeatedly.

In just a few seconds I had another orgasm.

My cream pie overflowed and ran down my crack over my anus.

Seth’s tongue was right there licking it up pushing it into my tight rear hole. Madeleinedura online mobile viedo sex chat free sites.

It felt so good and before I knew it he had a finger inserted into me there.

It slid in easily and quickly began to feel good.


He put a second finger in me and began pulling on me, pulling his fingers in opposite direction.

It hurt a little but it still felt good. Clairesense video sex on line.

George stooped down next to me and whispered that he thought Seth was trying to stretch me open for a reason and asked if I was OK with anal.

I pulled my mouth from Seth’s cock.

Yes, I said, It feels good now.

Condom for Seth though.

Then I caught Seth’s cock in my mouth again. Moneyanny sexy videho.

I would have been perfectly content to keep on with our sixty-nine until Seth gave me his load, but before I knew it I was on all fours on the bed and Seth was pushing his fingers, I don’t know how many, into my ass.

I was trying to hold still but the combined sensation of pain and pleasure felt so good I couldn’t help but move around a bit.

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Every time he pulled his fingers out I felt briefly abandoned and empty, until he put them back or pushed in his tongue.

You fuck this pretty ass, George? Seth said.

Special occasions.

This special enough? Seth said.

Here’s a condom, you go ahead, George said. Sex son online.

I rolled up onto all fours Damn that’s a fine ass, Seth said and gave me another smack, not as hard this time but it still stung.

Free sexy chatting sites without registration and only audio.