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A moment later I felt Debbie’s feet on my lap and began to stroke her calves and ankles beneath the bubbles as we tried to spot the constellations in the clear blackness of the sky above.

A short while later I felt Hannah’s feet join her mother’s and I stroked them both absent-mindedly, feeling the effects of the champagne. Free sex nude chat hook up by phone number with a girl by cell.

Debbie was clearly feeling it too because I could see her eyes closing in the low patio light, then opening wide in surprise as her face dipped into the water.

I think our new Partner needs to go to bed, I said after this had happened for a third time. Novikatia naughty sex chat live free.

What? she asked, her voice definitely slurred.

It’s bed time, Debs, I smiled.


My wife sighed.

I suppose you’re right.

I can’t keep my eyes open.

But what about… all this? she asked, waving her hand at the general untidiness in the garden.

Hannah and I will bring it all inside tonight. Sex skip chat.

We’ll clean up together in the morning.

Sure you don’t mind? Certain, right Hannah? The ginger head nodded eagerly.

No problem Mum, leave it to us, she smiled.

Thanks you two.

I’m SOOOO tired! Placing her hands on the tub’s rim, Debbie lifted herself upright and climbed unsteadily out of the water. Sex box episodes online.

It cascaded from her womanly body making her skin look life damp velvet.

I felt a swelling in my shorts as I watched her steady herself on the patio.

She shivered momentarily in the cold air, then pulled a bathrobe around her and slipping on her flip flops, swayed towards the house.

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I think someone else has had ‘just enough’, too! I laughed.

My lovely wife turned and, sticking her tongue out at us, flounced away, closing the back door behind her.

I hope she doesn’t lock it, Hannah said.

I grinned.

We’d look like two prunes if we stayed in here all night. Sexyladykim chat sexual arab.

Hannah grinned back at me.

Oh well! I suppose we’d better get on with the tidying up then, I said, preparing to stand up.

Suddenly Hannah’s hand was on my arm.

Not just yet, she insisted.

Let’s finish our drinks first.

It’s too cold to get out now.

Smiling, I lowered myself back into the steaming water and raised my legs so my heels rested on the bench at the far side of the tub. Sex france chat free vedio.

Hannah lifted her legs so that they rested across my upper thighs.


I tickled her feet playfully.

Don’t! she laughed.

No please, don’t! I stopped tickling her and let my hand rest on her slender ankle which I began to stroke absent-mindedly under the warm water, sipping champagne with my other hand and listening to the silence on the night; a silence broken by the occasional owl hooting in the forest in the dark distance. Peachxfoxx webcam.

Hannah slid herself around the tub’s bench seat until she was sitting close up to me, her legs still across mine.

I could feel the back of her thighs on my lap but thought nothing of it.

My hands which had been stroking her ankles were now close to her knees and without thinking, I began to stroke her lower thighs instead. Big cum with sexy milf chatroulette.

I love the first few weeks of summer, she said softly.


It’s so… exciting! As if… anything could happen! Her voice was low and slightly slurred as no doubt was my own.

Just how much champagne HAVE you had? I laughed and immediately regretted it as her beaming face turned to a frown. Anna4au4 room hat fuck fullhd.

I’m not a child, you know, she countered, her body stiffening.

I know, I said quietly, patting her thigh under the water.

It’s just hard to keep pace with the way you’ve grown since I first met you all those years ago.

You’re not that old yourself either, she said strangely, wriggling closer to me on the bench and putting her legs right across mine. Sailormoon porno pics.

An eerie silence descended, punctuated by more owl cries.

Unconsciously I stroked further up her thigh with my fingertips.

She wriggled a little more.



Does it tickle? I asked, my hand moving away from her leg.

She grasped my wrist and pulled my fingers back onto her thigh. Live xxx chat sexy arbc.

It’s nice.

Sort of soothing too though, she replied and the silence fell again.

The tub’s motor came to the end of its cycle and stopped.

The dark silence was eerie and after a minute I pressed the button again.

The water jets resumed their pleasant pummelling of my back and thighs as, without a conscious thought passing through my mind, my fingers slowly and gently resumed their stroking of Hannah’s knees and gradually continued their unconscious travel upwards along her slender thighs. Sashanew77 sex webcam anonymous.

In short, smooth movements my fingertips lightly danced over her warm skin, which felt soft and smooth under the hot water as her thighs became thicker and softer closer to her waist.


The turbulence from the jets swirled around my fingers and I felt Hannah’s pale, skinny arm slip around my shoulders. Group interracial sex hot lesbian ass parade bangbros.

Are you ok? I asked in a whisper.

She simply nodded as in the darkness of the water my fingers moved gradually but inexorably along her thigh towards the hem of her costume, unconsciously sliding deeper between her thighs as they progressed without resistance. Sexy one on one chat.

The jets stopped again and the night became spookily silent, neither of us speaking a word but I could clearly see Hannah’s lycra-covered breasts rising and falling close to my chest in long and deep, rhythmic breaths.

My dancing fingers casually slipped deeper between her thighs. Mistress fuck porno.


To my astonishment, I felt her legs open slightly as if to allow better access to her forbidden core.

My fingers slipped deeper until the back of my hand brushed against her inner thighs.

I stroked the soft skin beneath my fingertips.

Suddenly I was aware of a low, breathless moan in my left ear. Gisely free mobile sex chat room.

I turned my head to see Hannah, her eyes now closed, resting her forehead gently and submissively on my shoulder.

To my horror I realised that my fingers were now gently massaging the crotch of her swimming costume and that she had unquestionably spread her legs to make room for me. Fucking positions in a car.

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