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They were a handsome looking couple, Jason a little shorter than me and of similar slim build with a cute, slightly effeminate face and short black hair, while Mark was over six feet tall, clearly fit and good looking for his age with light brown hair and a goatee beard. Camera inside the vagina during sex.

They kindly paid for the meal at quite a decent looking restaurant, and I must have made a good impression because they invited me back to their place.

It was in an apartment on the peninsular Kowloon, but a little while out on the bus from the central area with budget accommodation where I was staying. Sexvdvoem video.

I was a little worried about being able to catch the bus back, as they'd said in emails that they didn't like people to stay the night, but they assured me there was a night bus, and anyway the taxis weren't too expensive.

"So what would you guys like to do tonight?" I asked as soon as we were inside.

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Shanghai had got rid of any tendencies I used to have for beating about the bush.

"I would like you to fuck me," Jason replied, apparently even more used to being frank in this way.

"Mark will film, is that OK?" "That sounds great" I replied.

I was a little disappointed that we would not be having group sex straight away, as I had waited a long time to be with two guys at once, but there were going to be a few opportunities so I thought it best to let my hosts decide first before making any requests of my own. Free sex chat free sex chat.

Not that the prospect of fucking that cute Asian arse while his older, white boyfriend filmed us didn't excite me, quite the opposite, as despite having been with a number of men, I tended to be "bottom" rather than "top".


So we all went into the bedroom where Jason and I stripped off in front of Mark and his video camera, and got on to the bed.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked, unsure of how intimate he wanted to get in the presence of his lover, and ignoring the irony that I had been asked the same question by a few of the guys I'd met in the UK.

"Sure," was the reply, so we did, shuffling closer until our semi-erect cocks bumped together. Porno italians old man.

I closed my eyes and put my arms about him, thrusting my tongue far into his mouth, and gripping his buttocks, pulling his crotch to press close to mine, while he acted more passively, caressing my butt cheeks but nothing more.

I cupped his balls, squeezing them gently, finding them bald, though here I could tell it was from shaving whereas the rest of his body was naturally hairless apart from a small patch of curly black hair that he'd left above his cock.

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Once more, as in Shanghai, here was no evidence of Asian guys being smaller than Caucasians, as my hand next encountered a hard dick only an inch or less shorter than my own, and not much thinner.

I wanted to taste it, so I broke the kiss, pushing him back and kissing down his chest, inhaling his scent, a deodorant similar to James' I realised, remembering my frequent trips to get buggered by him fondly. Java sex chat room.

Down I went and hummed with satisfaction at my first taste of cock for nearly two weeks.

I sucked greedily, bent over so my own hard-on pressed against my stomach, Jason leaning right back on his hands.

"I wanna suck yours," he said, after a few minutes.

"Can we 69?" I just rolled over as a response, barely releasing him from my mouth as I got on to my back, feeling it slap wetly across my nose when it did slip out and pulling him straight back in once I was comfortable, even before he'd knelt up and bent over to attend to me.

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First I felt his hands playing with my balls, then his tongue on the shaft: he was a pro, no doubt there.

Meanwhile I continued to suck at his head, wrapping my arms around his waist and hips to pull him down on me, and beginning to play with his hole. College webcam strip.

I was glad to discover it was hairless, tracing around the outline of the puckered muscles, and even forcing a finger inside it.

But he was so good I had to break the mutual oral sex just to prevent myself cumming too soon.

"I thought you wanted me to fuck you," I said, pulling myself up as he knelt back, apparently disappointed.

"I do, are you ready then?" "Yeah, have you got some lube and a condom?" Mark passed both these to me, silently, as his partner got comfortable on his hands and knees.

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I remember being surprised that Mark was still fully clothed, and remained so the whole time I was there, just quietly videoing the proceedings and not jerking off to them, although I could see a sizable bulge in his trousers.

I didn't worry about it though, pulling on the johnny and spreading the silicone gel over it, then smearing the cute little arse in front of me with it. Sex chat free online without login.

He really was very skinny, as skinny as me, and despite him not being much shorter, I expected him to be much tighter than the other two bums I'd had the pleasure to fuck.

I was a bit surprised therefore to find that once my fingers were lubricated, three of them slipped in very easily straight away, and a fourth presented no problems either, though it was a snug fit.

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Clearly they really did tend to stick to their roles, if such a small guy was this loose.

Kneeling behind him, I slid inside very easily, although it didn't feel like a vast cave as I had feared, but a very comfortable fit.

He was also deep, not flinching when I buried myself to my balls in him, so I began thrusting enthusiastically with no fear of hurting him. Maturessex chat rom serbia.

To my relief this didn't resurrect the orgasm I'd suppressed earlier, so I was able to bugger him for a good while in this position, watching my dick slide in and out of his sphincter and listening to his sighs.

He gradually became less passive, thrusting back, so I bent over him, kissing the back and side of his neck, and he pushed himself up, pressing his back to my chest so our lips could meet.

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