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Harriet was at the door waiting for her and the girls went up to her room.

There was already popcorn and cookies on her desk, along with drinks in a mini cooler.

Just like always,’ she smiled at how normal it was.

Then she turned and looked at the floor. Natural young teenie doggystyle and deepthroat sex with gray haired old man.

It was no surprise to see that Harriet had already picked a stack of movies for her to choose from.

Her smile widened.

She went through the movies and for the first time in her life and to Harriet’s disappointment she skipped horror movies.

‘I’ve had enough horror,’ she thought to herself as she picked up a cheesy looking comedy. Sex wikipedia in hindi.

Harriet frowned.

Aw man, that was supposed to be for after we watched Race With The Devil.


I’ve been saving it for you.

Lori laughed, "Why did you give me such a big pile of movies to choose from if you wanted that one?" It was the same routine every time. Fuck girls in belize city.

Harriet would hand her a pile of movies but secretly have one in the pile that she wanted to watch and somehow Lori never picked that one.

Well, because I like to give you options before I decide what we actually watch.

I want you to feel like you have a choice. How to webcam sex.

Harriet laughed and gave her a wink.

They were watching Race With The Devil and joking about old times when Lori felt something strange start to happen to her body.

It was a familiar feeling, an ache, but not unpleasant.

A warm tingle began to flood her and her clit started to throb with a need to be touched.

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She closed her eyes and the image of Harriet with her head between Lori’s legs, and her warm wet mouth lapping against her cunt popped into her mind.

‘No,’ she thought, feeling her body starting to lose control.

Harriet and she opened her eyes and situated herself trying to focus on the movie. Severina vuckovic porno.

Lori starred straight ahead and watched the characters moving and talking, but the only thing she could hear was Harriet’s rich, slightly husky laugh.

She could feel it sliding along her skin, she could feel it touching her everywhere, she could even feel it glide along her pussy. Fucking grannies from reading pennsylvania.

Lori struggled with the desire to touch herself.

She kept glancing at Harriet.

She was wearing the same clothes as Lori, the same thing they had worn to bed for a while now, a tank top and a pair of Soffee shorts.


Tonight it was different.

Tonight, Lori saw how much the shorts rode up Harriet’s long leg, exposing the bottom cheeks of her ass. Usa sexviedo com.

The tank was pulled low and Harriet’s cleavage was on full display.

She leaned to the side to adjust, Lori caught a glimpse of a nipple and she moaned softly.

What? Harriet asked and shoved more popcorn into her mouth.

Nothing, Lori mumbled and took a sip of her soda. Prettycool filme porno onlain video cheat.

‘What is wrong with me? She is so sexy, but I can’t, she’s my best friend.

It would be so wrong.

She adjusted her legs, rubbing her thighs together.

She pulled the blanket up a little higher and tried to stop her hands from creeping closer to her shorts. Magical_pussy free video malayalam sex video chating.


She clenched her hands into fists, but when she looked back over to Harriet she had spread her legs some and kicked her feet back and forth in the air.

Her shorts had ridden up a little higher and exposed the side of her cunny.

Lori felt more juices flood her opening and when her fingers finally slid under the blanket and into her shorts she felt her soaking wet panties clinging to her lips. Teens sex chat.

She bit her lip and pressed her middle finger onto her clit through her panties.

Panic hit her, but her finger never stopped rubbing her panties onto her swollen nub.

She thought, ‘If Harriet looks over at me, she will know what I’m doing and it will be the end of our friendship. Milena adams porno.

I’ll lose her and for what? A moment of pleasure?

Harriet turned to look at her and whatever she was going to say was forgotten.

She sat up slowly her eyes locked on the moving bulge underneath the blanket.

Lori couldn’t stop, it made her body throb harder at being watched. Perfect webcam girls.

Harriet’s voice was almost a whisper, What are you doing? I’m sorry, Lori said with a sob.

Her friend got on her hands and knees and moved slowly closer.

She tugged gently on the blanket until she could see Lori’s hand down her shorts.

Were you touching yourself to me? Game of thrones daenerys sex scene. Yes, she moaned in reply.

To Lori’s surprise, Harriet went on her knees and pulled her shorts down, then sat on her ass and spread her legs.

Her pussy was mostly shaven and Lori could tell she was wet as well.


Show me, Harriet said her own fingers gliding along her puffy lips. Nina4ka live wabcam sex indonesia.

Lori stopped and removed her hand long enough to pull her shorts down.

As soon as she kicked them off her ankle she spread her legs and began rubbing her burning hot, dripping cunt.

Her fingers moved quickly smearing her juices all around coating her lips. Lisa_sexxy chaturbate.

Harriet watched her closely and started to mimic her best friend.

Neither one of them had ever discussed doing this or shown any sexual attraction before, but there was definitely one now.

Lori moaned at seeing Harriet pleasuring herself.

She spread her legs wider and kept her eyes locked on Harriet’s fingers as she slid her fingers into her hungry pussy. Sexy voice clips.


Feeding it, one and then two, pumping them in and out slowly at first.

She watched as Harriet did the same thing, mirroring her actions so she began to fuck herself faster.

Lori was beyond caring now, she couldn't control herself, her mind felt strange and her body felt as it were on fire. Best sex cam videos.

Her legs started to shake as her fingers twisted and turned inside of her, juices gushing out around her hand.

Harriet was panting and fucking herself just as hard.

It was too much for Lori and all at once it broke.

Her eyes closed and her head fell back as she came. Asian free sex online.

Her body jerked and she became aware of someone’s hands on her legs, pulling them down to the floor.

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