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I wanted to feed it to Livy and watch her swallow all the sperm I could feed her.

I slowly withdrew my prick from Silvia's cunt and she moaned with the loss.

"Silvia, I'm going to let Livy suck my cock. Mikay4u best sexi widyo.

I know she'll be good at it.

But I want you to sit on my face while she does it.

Okay? Let's really have some fun.

Fuck my face with your cunt and let Livy suck me as hard as she can.

Livy? Want my hard cock? Usa sexgirl videos com. Want to do some cock sucking? Fuck it ladies, let's get us some fucking done tonight.

" I slipped the rubber off.

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I laid myself down beside Livy, gave her a tongue kiss and then told her to suck my dick.

She moved to my still hard prick.

Silvia climbed up and lowered herself onto my face and I stuck my tongue up her creamy pussy. Fucking girls neuss.

She quickly started humping and rubbing and coming into my mouth and up my nose.

She was facing toward the house, watching for a light to come on.

I could see Livy begin to stroke my pecker with both hands in the bright moonlight.

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My cock was close to coming, but I controlled it.

I wanted Livy to have the pleasure of sucking my prick hard and long.

She was licking it now like it was ice cream and stroking it faster and faster. Porno chat online mobile.

I sucked all the juices Silvia had flowing out of her cunt and even moved my head down and licked her ass hole.

That pleased her.

I could tell because she rammed her ass down and tried to get me to fuck her with my tongue.

I tried to do so as Livy was jacking me faster and faster with all her spit running down my prick and pooling in my pubes.

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