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When Alluna looked up, Zakreel shook his head at her.

Finish up, lass.

She’d lost her appetite by now but obeyed the golden weredragon.

My battle-dragon was slain this morning.

I could use a new one… as well as a pretty piece of ass to warm me at night.

The other warriors snickered. Free fucking sites dateing.

Alluna choked on the last spoonful of stew and stared in horror at Zakreel.

Well hell, Brock.

If ya don’t want the female then, the rest of us will be more than happy to share her.

The laughter turned raucous.

Zakreel clenched his fist on the counter as his arm drew around Alluna’s waist. Annaally free live sexcamchat nosignup.

I’m going to hold you close as I shift, lassie, he told her in a low voice.


Don’t be afraid.

I’ve done this before.

There you are, you son-of-an-Orgward, someone shouted from the left.

Everyone turned to regard the newcomer.

The tall man wore a hooded cape leaving only his face and hands bare. Free webcam affairs.

He stabbed a finger in Zakreel’s direction.

I’m going to kill you.

You’ve ruined me.

Five thousand credits for a quick fuck and you left me and my crew crawling with Space Liechies.

Look… He opened his cape a bit and a long bloodied appendage fell to the floor. Free fresno sex chat.

Little bugs crawled away from the rotted meat, and a few flew away.

Oh, my dick.

It’s finally fallen off, the male wailed.

Chairs and tables were overturned as the barbarians in the tavern stampeded out.


Even the barmaids and owner scrambled away screeching in terror. One on one sex video chat.

Alluna felt sick and buried her face against Zakreel’s back, but he suddenly moved.

Remuel, ya bastard.

Where have ya been? Zakreel exclaimed joyfully.

To Alluna’s surprise, they hugged, laughing loudly.

The other male’s hood fell back, revealing a head of glossy blood-red hair. Ronxo100 sex cam online chat video.

I’ve been stuck in Dragotulia.

Zakreel’s eyes widened.

What? The red-haired male nodded, eyes wide.

It really exists.

The queen of the vampires has the key to the portal.

But that doesn’t matter, Zak.

I need to find one of my sons.

There’s this prophecy, two royal princes, twins, are going to be involved in saving our universe from destruction.

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They come from my bloodline.

Alluna stepped out from behind Zak to study the man closer.

He stopped talking to stare at her.

She swallowed convulsively.

He seemed familiar.

Ah, Rem.

This is Alluna.

I think one of my randy boys bedded her.

She smells like kin. Sexxxx freee.

Remuel extended his hand to her, eyes wide, drinking her in.

Alluna placed her hand in his and then gasped when he bent and licked her knuckles.


Enchanted to meet you, my dear.

She drew her hand back and tucked it behind her hip to wipe the wetness from it on her dress. Daddy webcam chat.

Hello, she whispered shyly.

We’re taking her to Lumar.

What for? the weredragon asked keeping his green-gold eyes on her.


She’s the princess.

Now Remuel looked at Zakreel.

A human princess.

Do you not think the old king will be a bit miffed at his young princess being returned heavy with child? Sex personals loi. Zakreel puffed his chest out, clearly affronted.

She’s pregnant with Golds.

That’s a high honor.

Remuel grinned.

After all the whoring I’ve seen you do, I think not, Zakreel.

The golden weredragon snorted.

Remuel? Alluna turned to see Eriel poking his head through the swinging doors of the tavern. 1 lucky fuck 3.

I don’t believe it.

If it isn’t the randiest reaper ever created.

Eriel, how the hell have ya been? Eriel darted inside to kiss and hug the red weredragon.

Lucien, who had followed him in, snorted in disgust and stalked a few feet away.


Remuel caught sight of him and began to growl, fire appearing on his skin. Private gay sexs canl? chat.

Rem, it’s okay, Zakreel said gripping his arm.

It’s little Luke.

The red weredragon’s mouth fell open.

What? He took a step toward Lucien, but stopped abruptly when Lucien opened his wings and hissed at the red-haired weredragon.

Alluna took a step back as well. Alexis sky sex video.

Zakreel stepped up beside Remuel.

He’s been enslaved by the demons.

How the fuck? Remuel gasped.

Zakreel opened his mouth, but Lucien interrupted him.

After I was abandoned on Earth, A sadistic, devil-worshiping bastard stole me away.

His face twisted with hatred. Online free porno chat.

I knew nothing but abuse and torture until my eighteenth birthday.


I was approached by a Dominatio and a devil.

One offered me a divine sword and asked me to find it in my heart to forgive everything that was done to me.

Lucien snorted in derision.

The other offered me Lucifer’s sword and a chance at taking revenge on the man that raped me for years. Sexy nude brunette teens.

Guess what I fucking opted for, asshole.

Remuel shook his head and turned to Zakreel.


Please tell me this is a lie, Zakreel.

Little Luke is a demon? I held his squirming, bloody little body when he was born.

The red weredragon looked at his palms as though remembering it all.

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