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Yeah, I’m glad the tension between me and Tess is over too.

If you don’t mind me saying Al, Tess is one hot looking girl.

Watching her giving you head was something else. Fuck picture toon.

Then to have her suck my cock, whew!Jerry, Amber is one hot girl.

It was hard not to watch her sucking your cock.

When she sucked me, OMG!Are we okay with the fact the girls traded places and then kissed the othersDad, Al?Yeah, we’re good. Teen boy solo webcam.

Let’s see what else they have planned.

Guys, it’s time to eat!shouted, Tess.

Jerry and I got out of the pool and walked up to the patio, our cocks sticking out and jiggling around with each step.

When we reached the patio, Amber handed us our trunks. Chocolata69 webcam recordet sexy videos.


While we slipped them on, Tess said, Amber and I are going to take care of your big sausages later, guys.

The four of us sat down and refueled for whatever the girls had planned for later.

After a delicious meal, Jerry and I cleaned up, while the girls went down to the pool. Online game for girls chat sex.

We didn’t say much as we were finishing up, I guessed that Jerry was trying to absorb what had happened and I was doing the same.

Finally, Jerry broke the silence… Al, I know we are both okay with what has happened, and I know our stepdaughters are going to want us to fuck them. Recent teens anal webcam.

But what if Tess wants me to fuck her and vice versa?Jerry, I’ve been thinking about that too, and to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t know how I’d feel until that moment.


So let’s see what happens and if we don’t feel comfortable with them wanting to switch dads, then we will say no. Sex karina.

I can go along with that, Al.

I see that all this talk has affected you too, buddy.

I looked at Jerry and then myself, he was right, our cocks were sticking out like tent poles in our trunks. Belladonna fuck face.

The two of us adjusted ourselves and walked out onto the patio.

Jerry went to the cooler and got us a beer, I looked down to see if the girls were in the pool.

Hey Jerry, you better come look.

Jerry came over and what we saw were our stepdaughters making out.

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They were kneeling on a towel laid out on an oversized pool mattress.

Amber had her top off, her perky breasts pressed against Tess just below her bikini top.

They were kissing passionately, Amber slid her hands down Tess’s sides and stopped at the side ties. Sexy emo chicks naked.

Tess responded by putting a hand on the back of Amber’s head, grabbing a hand full of hair and pulled Amber from her lips.

Tess then pushed Amber’s head to her chest as Amber pulled at the ties, letting Tess’s bikini bottom fall onto the towel. Bangla porn webcam.

Both Jerry and I stared in awe at the sight before us.

There were the girls half naked and Tess’s pussy, landing strip and all in full view.

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