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A figure appeared . Another shot. Fuck I missed. Sexy shemale feet photos and other amusements. He was gone. I heard running footsteps.

I saw a laptop in the other office. I grabbed it and stuffed it in my pack.

I pulled the tape from my pack and wrapped the fat fuckers feet and wrists secure. I put a field dressing on his would and I asked Troy, "Can you drag this piece of shit to the loading dock?" A nod and Troy yanked the guy to his feet. I placed my last charge and headed to the dock.

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We tied the big blob next to that other guy..

“Troy, you need a hospital or something?” He answered that he didn't and he told me he had to get to his sister house. I found out that he was on his way there when he got nabbed by these goons. Something about him indicated a past...

We all have them and I understood the request not to ask.

He asked what I was doing at the warehouse and I told him about Angel. Candycathy sexlive us. At her mention he raised an eyebrow. "You know angel?” he asked.

”Yeah she is the one that got hurt by these bastards and I am just returning the favor.” I asked where his ride was and was told it was at his house..He was out for a walk to his sisters house when all this happened.

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