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Kattietitted sexy chatroom.

Hi, this is Brian again.

If you remember my last adventure it was with Amy's mom Beth.

They live across the street and I have been fucking Amy for awhile now.

Amy's mom Beth came over one day and kind of forced me to have sex with her.

I actually enjoyed it alot. Sex doll fetish.

She had a smoking hot body and her tits leaked milk.

They started doing that after she had them redone.

She told me not to cum in her but she wouldn't get off my cock when I told her she needed to and I shot a big load in her.

When she left that day she told me she was very possibly pregnant and that even though her husband had a vasectomy she would be able to handle the situation. Sexy hair milf.

Something must have happened over there because a few weeks after Beth and my encounter Amy wouldn't return my calls and every time I saw her dad he would give me a dirty look.

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One day a moving van showed up and the next day Amy and her family were gone. Brunette webcam solo.

I never found out for sure if Beth had turned up pregnant, but I overheard my mom say on the phone one day that someone had run into Beth recently and she definitely had baby bump.

My main outlet for sex was gone and summer was coming.

I had graduated from high school and was going to go away to college in the fall. Sister brother cam sex.

I tried to date some, but I didn't want anything serious knowing that I was leaving.

Some girls I went out with got scared when they saw the size of my cock.

A few wanted to try it, but only a couple could get it in far enough to allow me to stroke.

They were usually sore for a week and didn't want to do it again.

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So I spent most of the summer working and waiting for college to start, looking forward to coeds.

A couple of weeks before I was due to leave I went out on a Saturday night with some buddies for a last rowdy get together before we all went our separate ways. Betty sex.

We drank lots of beer and I made it home at about 2 am.

I was pretty wasted when I walked into the house.

I was surprised to see my mom waiting up for me.

She was sitting on the couch in the den.

I guess my dad was already asleep.

It was summer and she was wearing a lightweight cotton nightie. Nude sexy girls bent over.

As I stood there unsteadily with a goofy grin on my face I thought to myself, man that's pretty short, it barely covers her ass and I don't think she's wearing a bra either.

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My mom was 40 and really was a looker.

She's tall, about 5' 8", with long legs and an ass that looks great in tight jeans. Bananalana sex.

Her tits are about a full C and look good on her slim frame.

I held on to a chair so I wouldn't sway too much while she smiled at me.

"Brian, have you been drinking?" she asked "Yup," I said, "Me and my buds blew it out tonight one last time before we all leave.

" "Well I was worried about you. Exotic sluts looking to have sex in carlisle pa.

Your father has already gone to bed.

" she said.

She smiled and got up off the couch and walked over to me.

"Here let me help you into bed.

" she offered.

As we walked down the hall my brain started trying to process the sight before me and my mouth started running off saying some things I had always thought but should have kept to myself.

"You know mom you look really good in that nightie.

" I said.

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She chuckled and said, "Why thank you son.

" "Yea, it barely covers your ass.

I always thought that was your best feature.

I love it when you wear tight jeans or shorts.

I can tell you're not wearing a bra either because your tits are swaying back and forth.

" What I was saying made perfect sense to me in my current state, but would shock the hell out of me if I heard myself say them if I was sober. Sex talk in lagrange maine.

I looked back at my mom who was guiding my 6' 2" 220 lb.

frame down the hall and saw my words were having some affect on her because her hardened nipples were definitely poking through the light fabric.

"Now son, you shouldn't be thinking about you old mother in those terms.

" she said.

"Hell mom your not old," I said,"You're as hot as they come, everyone knows that.

" We made it to my room without banging into to much stuff.

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I had grabbed her a couple of times to steady myself and I'm pretty sure I squeezed one of her breasts.

I stood next to my bed, they same bed I had fucked the shit out of Amy's mom Beth in.

I was smiling at my mom thinking about that day.

Even though I was pretty drunk my cock started to get hard.

"OK let's get you undressed and into bed.

" she said with a smile. Free sex chatting web america.

She helped me pull my t-shirt over my head then she started to undo my shorts while I kicked off my shoes.

She got my shorts unbuttoned and the zipper pulled down and as she was sliding them off I was able to look right down the front of her nightie to get a good view of her beautiful tits. Misha04516 online sexy girls sex chating.

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She had a nice tan going this summer but I was struck by the contrasting whiteness of her breasts.

Her nipples were rosy pink and very large and hard.

As I stood there transfixed by her tits she continued to pull my shorts off and I heard a sharp intake of air from her when she got them off. Blonde slut fucking sisters boyfriend.

She had pulled my shorts and boxers off at the same time and there between us, at full attention, was my huge cock.

It's 10 plus inches long when fully hard and has a large bulbous head with a pronounced ridge.

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