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I went down to the bathroom, took a piss, and then passed by the kitchen on my way back to the den.

I glanced in, and she was there, of course.

Waiting for me.

My precious little sis needed more of what I had.

She smiled at me as she leaned against the breakfast table.

"You're just what I want right now, Ginger. Animal sex adult video.

But you know that.

You know it, little girl.

" "Maybe.


I don't know.

What do you mean, Jeff?" I was right in front of her now.

I picked her up by the waist, sat her down on the table, and pulled down her panties past her knees and to the floor.

I wanted full access to that sticky pussy.

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My prick sprang up as I pushed my sweats down once more.

My arms lifted her legs up and put them on my shoulders.

Her legs were spread and that pussy was open for use.

My cock slipped right in and her pussy was clenching as I slowly slid in.

It was moist the way it always seemed to be for me tonight. Sexy naked black milf.

Now I began fucking her the way I really wanted to.

I wanted to cum in that pussy.

So I was ramming her hard and she was moaning into my ear as I held her close with her legs up on my shoulders, pressed down against her, jamming her pussy with my long prick.

"God, Jeff, so big, so big.

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Oh shit, I need this, need it, need it.

Fuck, fuck, fuck me Jeff.

Oh damn, fuck me.

" I was grinning and grimacing and feeding all of my cock into that pussy.

My best friend's pussy, but it was mine now.

Yes, my pussy now.

Grunting and fucking that sticky slit. Mature bbw webcam.

Fucking her and fucking her.

Oh, god, she was so fucking hot.

So hot.

"HEY, GINGER, WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BEER?" Faster and faster.

Ramming it into that pussy.

Oh, god.

I wanted to cum.

I was going to cum.

I was fucking cumming.

Yes, cumming.

"Yeah, take it, baby, take it, take it. Sex old woman captains choice.

Oh fuck.

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Cumming now.

Oh fuck, yeah fuck.

" "Ohhhhhh.


baby, fuck.


Oh god.

Oh god.

Oh fuck.

Yes, yes.

Oh shit, cumming.

" Now I was giving her my spunk.

Now she was getting what she needed.

I knew that now.

She needed my cum.

She needed a good, hard, rough fuck. Sexy webcam orgasm.

She did.

I gave it to her.

I gave her what she needed.

Oh shit, such good, fucking pussy.

"Ahhhhh, oh, shit, I feel it, feel it, cumming in me, you fucker, you fucker, oh shit.

Oh god.




" I jerked my cock out of her pussy.

She was up on the table and her pussy was dripping my sperm out. Usa malayalm sex chatters.

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I grabbed a hand towel from beside the sink and I gave it to her.

She began wiping up the mess leaking from her slit.

I lifted her up by her waist again and sat her down on the floor.

She looked up and licked my cock for me.

What a good little sister she was. Milena angel club porno.

Now she rose up and I leaned down to give her a kiss.

I tasted my own cum on her lips.

I didn't mind.

My tongue was in her mouth.

We broke up after a minute or so.

My brother-in-law needed his beer.

We adjusted our clothes and she grabbed a beer for Jimmy.

I took one for myself. Sex chat without sign up.

I would need it to finish watching the game.

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Uncle Fred isn’t my uncle.

He’s pretty much my dad’s oldest friend.

He was born two days after my dad to my grandma’s best friend.

You could say they were partners in crime since their first month of life.

Throughout pre, elementary, middle and high school they were inseparable. Riley star porno 365.

Then college came, and they went to different schools.

My dad went to the University of Michigan, and Fred went to the University of Michigan Dearborn.

However, they still hung out any chance they could.

They’d go to rock shows, go on road trips and have fun. Sex cam2cam.

Then after college they finally went their separate ways.

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My dad moved out west to start a software company with some friends, and Fred stayed in Michigan to work for one of the Big 3.

Unlike my dad, Fred didn’t date a lot.

In fact throughout high school and college he didn’t have a single girlfriend. Sex and domination dvd on sale.

According to my dad it wasn’t for lack of trying.

He would pretty much ask every girl he met if they wanted to go out.

Most said no, and a few said yes.

Sadly none of those yesses ever went past a first date.

No one could figure out why Fred’s luck with women was so bad. Webcam chatrooms granny.

He wasn’t ugly.

He was in shape.

And he wasn’t shy.

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My dad thought women could see his desperation from miles away and were turned off by it.

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