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Kat’s reply seemed to ignore my crass remark.

I don’t spend my time comparing you with anyone else.

This was about you and me, and it was lovely to be with a man who is sensitive and loving. Irida1 sexy chat without login.

I had a good time, and since I don’t think it’s a very good idea to do it again, we should just savour what we’ve had.

Kat leaned forward and we kissed again, a gentle kiss between lovers.

I was getting excited again, and I wondered if Kat would be ready to do more with me. Sexxxy cincinnati ohio bbw looking for bbc.

However, nature was calling.

I need to go to the bathroom, but I’ll be right back,I said as I slipped out of bed and grabbed a towelling robe to put on.

As I left the bedroom Kat called after me.

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I’ll be waiting here for you.

I felt my cock harden as she said those words, and I knew that it would take me a little longer in the bathroom until my excitement could wane a little.

Having used the bathroom, I thought it would be good to bring Kat some coffee. Online filmi sex and the city 2.

I wanted to continue to show my caring side.

I went into the kitchen area where I was surprised to see Maggie standing over a heating kettle, also dressed in a towelling robe.

We looked at each for a moment before she smiled at me and I smiled back. Sex video mp4 online.

We found ourselves coy with each other, which after twenty five years of marriage seemed very uncomfortable.


She looked at me shyly, as if she was trying to make out what I was thinking.

I spoke first.

You’re up early as well, how are you?I’m very good,she said, I thought a little unconvincingly, and then added. Sexy girls chat room for fuck.

Simon is asleep, how’s Kat?It was strange that she asked about Kat before me, but I guess we were both outside our comfort zone and therefore probably not thinking straight.

Kat seems absolutely fine. Sex video view online.

I thought I’d make us some coffee.

I couldn’t help but find it surreal to be talking about usas me and Kat rather than me and Maggie.

I wondered if Maggie felt the same.

Maggie got out a large coffee cafetiere and some coffee and passed them to me so that I could start making the coffee.

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We acted like a team as we often did in the kitchen; Maggie found some cups in the cupboard and put two each on two different trays.

It was just like we had been each morning for years, but now we were making coffee for our lovers. Xvideo webcam teens.

As was my daily habit, I waited for a couple of minutes after the water had boiled before pouring it into the pot, and giving it a stir.

I promised Kat I’d be back shortly,I said, wondering if Maggie would rather I stayed, but guessing she was hoping for more time with Simon. Barbiegirlx34 online live sex face to face video chat.

I’d better get back to Simon as well, or he’ll be wondering where I’ve got to.

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