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I had a career to secure, some sex toys, and a rich fantasy life to satisfy my sexual appetite.

But I was missing a close deep friendship like I had with the librarian back in Joliet.

We kept in touch through social media, but it just wasn't the same.

I would not have even known that this handsome man existed if one of my coworkers, a shallow woman named Shar whom I don't hate but who tends to talk too much during my breaks from my work, hadn't complained about my introverted behavior when she was trying to gossip with me by saying, "You're as bad as Marshall Thornton.

" Oh? Sexy dirty chat. My interest was immediately piqued.

I've learned that when an extrovert describes me that way, it usually means the other insulted person is also an introvert.


In other words, there's a good chance that they are my kind of people.

Someone who can better understand me. Gang bang sado sex.

A kindred spirit.

A person who appreciates a deeper level of friendship than many people are capable of.

Even, a potential candidate for my 'inner circle' of friends, something Shar could never possibly achieve.

"Who is Marshall Thornton, Shar?" His name did not feel unpleasant on my tongue. Sex dating in bangor granny.

That was the first test he passed.

"Ah, finally a glimmer of interest in conversation from Krista.

He's a hermit like you.

A recluse who would spend all his time in his cubicle near the server room if his boss didn't make him come out for meetings and lunches. Porno lesbi gimnastki.

He sits in the far corner of the cafeteria, facing the wall.


He's always got his nose in a book, just like you.

You've probably never seen him because you eat your lunch here because our boss lets you get away with it.

" "You're kidding me, right? His boss makes him eat lunch in the cafeteria?" "No joke. Hairy armpit girl webcam spank2.

And he's one handsome available dude, but he's hard to talk to, like you.

He always seems like he's amused by how uncomfortable he's making people and like he doesn't need anyone because he's got some secret life or something.

Just like you.

A lot of the single women have tried to get to know him and struck out. Sexy naked asian teens xxx.

I suppose he could be gay, but he doesn't seem to have any male friends either.

You two could probably sit and ignore each other and be perfectly happy together.

" I felt my spirits soar a little.


I knew she was trying to insult me.

It was a game with her to try to find a way under my skin. Kristen sex tape.

It actually made me closer to her, because she could sometimes make me smile with her feeble attempts, and that was a victory to her, because it meant that she had made me feel something.

But since moving to Grand Rapids, I hadn't met any interesting men. St george utah free sex chat numbers.

This Marshall Thornton sounded interesting because he sounded like a potential kindred spirit.

So I went to lunch in the cafeteria that very day to get a look at him.

I don't have any particular anxiety about being in large rooms with lots of people.

I just generally prefer the company of St. Amateur couple webcam.

Fu, the patron saint of silence.

I got to the cafeteria early and sat where I could watch the most remote corner.


A short time later, a tall handsome man who looked like maybe he was in his late twenties took his tray to the corner, sat facing the wall, and started reading a very surprising book. Livejasmin webcam.

My pussy started telling me that I had to fuck this man and I agreed with her, if only I could find a way to make it happen.

He was about 6' 3" and nicely muscular, with black hair, blue eyes, and what my mother called a 'Marlboro Man' face.

Shar was also right about his unapproachability. Sex gays videos hard.

He exuded 'Stay away!' as if it was a matter of safety for all involved.

That impression intensified when he sensed my approach.

"Pardon me.

" "Why are you talking to me?" "Because I just wanted to say that I admire your taste in trashy literature and I'm very surprised to see that any other person in this company reads Jim Butcher.

" I showed him that I was reading the exact same book that he was, the latest installment of a series that had only been released to the public one day previously, meaning that he must have been waiting for its arrival.

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I had been a fan of the Harry Dresden books since I picked up the first one at the Joliet Public Library when I was still in high school.

I identified with the Molly character who becomes a wizard's apprentice.

I could see that he was very surprised when he recognized what I was holding.

"I'm Krista, named after a dead teacher who had the misfortune of briefly riding a space shuttle, but my mother misspelled it with a 'K' on my birth certificate.

" Doh! Webcam still photo. Why did I say that? "Marshall, named after a horseback riding federal gunslinger I guess.

My mother apparently also misspelled my name.

Two 'l's.

Look, I don't mean to be rude, but I'm at a very interesting point in the book and I don't have much time.

" "Of course.

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Not a problem.

From one introvert to another, I fully understand.


" I turned and walked back to my lunch, hoping he at least glanced at my backside and liked what he saw.

I suddenly realized that Shar and some other women were watching from another table. Nude babes android free webcam.

They seemed satisfied that I had been trounced by his personality, but I considered it a plus that he had taken the time to time to tell me about the spelling of his name and to point out that we had something else in common.

I smiled as if I had won a victory. Dita von teese shoe porno.

The next day, I sat closer to the wall and facing it, but not in 'his' corner.

I had to threaten Shar with bodily harm to keep her from sitting with me so I wouldn't look so pathetic.


Fortunately she took me seriously enough when I said, "It's my social suicide. Chlen2852 pakistani porn sexy chat website.

Don't make it also a homicide.

" I was reading my book when I sensed someone behind me and noticed the faint smell of woodsmoke that I had detected when talking to Marshall the previous day.

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