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We surveyed in our minds the situation we were in.

The road we traveled to reach to bottom of this deep chasm was a dirt road.

The stream was only a small one when we got here, but it was rapidly rising and we thought we might be caught in a flash flood if we stayed there, so we decided to go back up the steep road we had come there on. Sex olympia women.

Before we reached the top of the chasm we began slipping, sliding, and eventually bogged down before we reached to top of the mountain. Hotcandy19 spy chat sex.


As we sat there hoping the roadway didn't wash away down the mountainside and us with it, we heard the sound of an engine and soon, behind us, a bus appeared around a bend in the road. Tata188 sexy milf chats free.

The road was too narrow for the bus to get around our vehicle so it had to stop.

Soon, around 6 Turkish men got off of the bus and began to push on the rear of our truck until they freed it from the muck and then they jumped into the bed of our truck until we got bogged down again.

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Every time we bogged down they pushed us free and jumped back aboard once we were moving.

This process was repeated over and over until we reached the mountain top with level terrain ahead of us.

We continued slowly down the road getting bogged down less frequently and those men would jump out and push us free again. Playgirl brad pit pornohub.

Then we noticed that one by one the men jumped off and disappeared, likely going to their homes which we couldn't see from the roadway, or to whatever their destination was. Sex casting wudman movies.

This portion of the roadway was wider and the bus had passed us and disappeared.

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