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I didn't know if I should slap her, or give her mouth-to-mouth, or jump off and call 911, and I couldn't move.

Suddenly, her whole body lurched, and she took a deep gasping breath. Milfs in derby that want sex.

She reached for me and pulled me close as she sobbed and kissed me and pleaded for me to hold on.

I hoped that I would never have to admit to her that I had frozen.

At the same time, I realized that I was developing intense feelings for her, and if I expected her to love me back, I was going to have to talk with her about it. Smotret sex and the city serial online.

Her breathing slowed, and she started to purr as she kissed and licked my skin.

She rolled her hips against mine, and we could both feel the wetness that soaked our joining. Free sex chat in neder romalt.

She took a deep breath, and started to open her eyes.

"Cal, that was.

" she started to say.

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Her whole body shuddered as her eyes flew open wide, and her words froze in her mouth as she gaped around the room.

"Oh," she gasped as her eyes returned to me, and she pulled me down into a hug again. Dirty webcam girls.

I almost teased her for confusing me with the husband she said she had divorced years before, but I let it go.

At least now I kind of knew his name.

"Everything okay, Tonia?" I asked softly.

"That was pretty intense.

" "No, yes," she said, and she almost laughed.

"Just wow.

" "Yeah," I laughed and I kissed her neck. Lesbian self sex.

Her body squirmed under mine.

"Yeah, um, I could use a drink, I think," she suggested.

I took the hint, and I climbed off of her.

"Would you like water, or something a bit stronger?" I asked.

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She seemed unable to decide.

Her eyes were busy drinking in my nakedness as I stepped into the bathroom and ran warm water onto a washcloth.

I returned to her with that and a dry towel.

"I could use a real drink," she finally managed to say.

"What do you have?" "It's your house," I laughed. Karina hart sex video.

She glanced around quickly and laughed with me.

"Of course it is," she agreed.

"Let's go see what I have.

" She quickly finished cleaning up and then wandered out the door naked. Adult fucking theater.

Not to be outdone, I wiped myself off and quickly joined her.

She seemed bemused as she looked around the living room.

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