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I was stunned and shocked and asked, “You do? Why? Is this really happening?”

“Yes I do, and yes it is baby, I want you right now!” she replied, “I am sorry that I have kept you waiting all this time, but my body is yours again.”

We went upstairs and I fucked her like crazy, I licked her pussy and enjoyed every moment that we were entwined together, I sucked her tits and chewed on her nipples. Real hidden cam sex video. It was amazing!

After our love making session I asked her, “What about Scott baby? Are you finished with him?”

She replied, “No baby, but I realized that I need my husband, as well as my lover.”

She continued, “Are you still okay with Scott fucking me? You can both fuck me and have my body, if you are okay with sharing me?”

I said to her, “I’m fine with that baby; I know that Scott blows your mind when he fucks you, and I will try to improve my skills.”

To which she replied, “Baby, I don’t want you to change anything, I realize I was being selfish and I feel so guilty about that.

Minsk camsex girl.