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She wore worn form fitting jeans and a t-shirt.

She could make a friggin potato sack look appealing.

She smiled down at her, barely looking at the amulet above her.

Please let it work.

And she stepped back to let her in.

__________________________ Yasmin closed her eyes briefly as she came into the house, trying to relax. Natural tits webcam.

Rain looked.


Old worn jeans that were low on her hips, making the crotch long, a worn softball shirt, barefoot.

God, it was starting already.

She was glad she didn't have any free hands to hug her as she had books in one arm, a big bag in the other. Sex fuck chat free.

Rain took the books without question and she brought the bag in with her to the kitchen.

The house smelled interesting.

Like oranges and something fresh.


She had never been here before and she looked around with interest.

Large vaulted ceilings, big bay window and her eyes widened, seeing the infinity pool behind the sliding glass. Blonde teen glasses webcam michelle banged. teens hot porn.

Dark wood furniture, dark suede couch, huge big screen TV.

And she didn't have roommates.

Obviously her family had money.

Although you would never know it.

She dressed like everyone else, wore a lot of the same stuff over.

She didn't talk about her family much and she now realized why. Blackkitty1 comprog life sex.

If she was a living vamp, one or both of her parents were as well.

They never came to games or any team functions.

Rain still seemed happy despite it.

A few candles lit the room and it made it look comfortable and elegant at the same time.


She eyed Rain as she spread out the books. Gf webcam porn.

She had no idea what kind of life she led before she met her, but knew affluence when she saw it.

And looking at her in her surroundings, she saw that it fit her quite well.

She didn't look out of place whatsover.

She walked to the window and peered outside.

"God, what a view. Local web cam sex.

Rain, you have a gorgeous place.

" "Thank you," Rain's voice came from the living room.

She came to the table and saw Rain standing near the fridge.

"Would you like something to drink?" "What are you drinking?" "Beer," Rain said sheepishly.

Yasmin smiled, "Beer sounds good.

" "Alright," Rain winked conspiratoraly. Kykla19 chat random porno.

Yasmin sat and looked at Rain's book, open to where she was having difficulty.


Of course it had to actually be the most difficult part of the course.

Well, she knew Rain was smart.

She was just stuck and from the looks of it, behind.

Rain brought her beer and they dug in for about twenty minutes until the timer went off. Sensual sex or freaky fuc.

Rain went to the kitchen and pulled the pizza out, cutting it into slices as she came to sit at the island.

They munched on pizza, talking about ball for a little bit until they couldn't put off the books looming in front of them.

They went back to the table and worked for another few hours. Sexy teen solo squirt they say food brings teens tube.

She loved when Rain understood something, her face lighting up.

She had slowly relaxed being in her place and she knew part of the reason why.


When she had come in and turned to see Rain shut the door, she saw the amulet.

One of her witch friends had told her about it but she had never seen it at work. Room sex poto keralam.

It was an amulet that was hung near doors so that when someone walked in, they were not bespelled.

She immediately understood and loved the fact that Rain had it.

It was for the safety of anyone that came into the house, lest she start to vamp for some reason. Porno anissa kate noemilk.

A precaution.

The candles and the smell that had surrounded her when she walked in masked the scent of others.

If she hadn't known that she was a vamp and recognized these signs, she would have had no idea what she was looking at or smelling.

She looked at Rain with renewed respect. Small_cock free live sex chat 2 way roulette.


That she was trying to protect her from.

well, her.

And she felt her eyes slowly open.

Yeah, she was definitely attracted to her and not just because she was a vamp.

Because she was so damn sweet.

Finally, Yasmin begged off from the studying and they went to sit on the couch. Boy and girl sexy mobile chats kannada.

Rain slouched next to her, and she noticed that she was careful to not touch her with her legs as she sprawled herself out.

They each had another beer, and Yasmin watched sports highlights with her for a bit, both of them laughing and arguing about MLB teams. Greek free live sex.

Yasmin got up to go the bathroom and when she came back, she found herself sitting closer to Rain, their legs almost touching as she tried to get comfortable.

Rain had brought them another beer and she could see her try to rearrange her mile long legs, but still they touched.

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Rain rubbed her face lightly, changing the channel to MTV.

Yasmin was feeling the third beer slightly and she bit her lip, looking at Rain under her lashes.

Rain's cheeks were slightly flushed, her eyes on the TV.

Almost too intently.

They were never physical with one another, Rain not being physical with anyone really. Russian webcam live girl.

She understood why now, but it didn't make her want to touch her any less.

Rain's arm had gone behind the couch and she took a slow breath, then leaned her head back against it.

She felt Rain stiffen slightly next to her, but she didn't move away.

They also were never this close to one another, at least not for an extended amount of time. Free webcam pornsites.

She felt like snuggling with her.


Knew it wasn't bespelling that was making her want it.

She knew that Rain could probably smell her now.

The amulet for the smell was fine if you weren't practically sitting in someone's lap, but this was different.

And they were touching. Webcam lesbian teen porn.

And she knew Rain's scent was now on her.

She saw Rain shift a little, could tell she wanted to get up, but didn't.

Was it because she really didn't feel comfortable with her in this way, or was it her instincts? She finished her beer, setting it down, then put her hand lightly on Rain's leg. Sexy blonde teen pics.

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