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I led her to the garage and opened the door.

I pushed the button to open the garage door, so there would be more light.

Her eyes opened wide as she realized it wasn’t my sedan in the garage.

For me? All yours, honey.

I’m really proud of you.

You’ve always been a great daughter, and you’ve worked hard at school. Kira adams porno.

You’ve kept your grades up, and always helped out around the house.

You deserve it.

Want to take it for a ride? The smile left her face, and she said, Yeah, I bet you’re real proud of me now.

Honey, you’ve done nothing to make me less proud of you.

How can you say that? Free sexx cams. Come on, dad, you saw me.

Don’t pretend you didn’t.

Okay, dad time.

Something wise will do about now.


What would Bill Cosby say? Nothing came to me, so I figured I was going to have to resort to honesty.

Okay, honey, I saw you.

You weren’t doing anything wrong. Bongacam free sex cam4 chat.

Maybe not wrong, but so embarrassing.

I know honey.

We’ve all been embarrassed before.

I don’t think any less of you.

You weren’t doing anything wrong.

Everybody does what you were doing.


I could see her absorbing that.

Okay, dad, let’s take it for a drive. Sex chat 12.

I followed her home from the dealership.

After she showered and changed, she took her new car out for the rest of the day to show all her friends.

She came home for dinner, then changed clothes for an evening out with friends.

The next few days were awkward, but gradually it appeared that she was going to get over it and our relationship would go back to normal.

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As I thought back over the last year, I realized that she had begun to masturbate regularly, and I just hadn’t noticed.

She would lock herself in the bathroom often for long periods of time.

Where she had always taken showers, she began taking long baths in the evenings, even when she didn’t need to clean up. Angeldevil4u chat with animal fuckers.

Hell, when I was her age, I rubbed myself to sleep almost every night.

For that matter, I still did.

At dinner one night a few weeks later, she said, Dad? Yes, honey? You said everybody did it? Do you really think everybody does? It took me a split second to realize what she was talking about. Bangbus office latina fuck.

I had hoped we were done with that awkward topic.


Time for Wise Dad to come to the fore again.

Now where did I leave my cape? Yes, I’m sure, I said, hoping that would end it.

Dad, I can’t stop doing it.

Does the urge go away when you grow up? She had her eyes down, looking at her plate as she picked at her food. Lolabenola online chatting sexy skype chat.

Well, it might slow down a little.

Honey, you have to remember, you’re eighteen.

Your hormones are raging through your body, and it’s hard to control them.

You’re going to feel things you’ve never felt before, and you have no frame of reference for how to handle those feelings. Nice nicky petite teen amateur hard fuck.

This is a very vulnerable and difficult time for young people.

You can talk to me anytime, about anything.


It’s easy for young people to make mistakes when their hormones control their thinking.

Like you and mom? I hesitated.

Yes, like me and mom.

Did you have to get married? Cam2 live chat sex. Because of me? You were the best thing that ever happened to us.

Did you have to get married? I decided right then that I was going to be honest with my daughter for the rest of her life.

No more pretending.

She was old enough to deserve and expect honest answers. Live free sex xxx chating no registriton.

Yes, I said.

So when does it get easier to control your hormones? Am I a freak? I can’t help what I do, almost every day.

Sometimes more than once.

No, you aren’t a freak.

You’re normal.

You said everybody does it.

Do you?

Once again I hesitated.


I do too. Sexy ethopian girls node pic.

Does mom? Yes, she does too.

Even while you were married? Yes.

Both of you? Yes.

Why would you need to do that when you were married? You had each other.

For whatever reason, I had assumed that Christie would get the information she needed to have a healthy sex life with her husband from a book, or school, or by osmosis through the internet, without the need to have her clueless dad have this difficult conversation. Camgirlvideos org torrent.

Time again for Wise Dad.

When he didn’t show up, I figured honest answers would have to suffice.

Sex is complicated.

When we first got married, we had sex often.

But I was young, and wanted it more, so I would sometimes do that in the shower, or in bed after your mom was asleep.

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Later, as she got pregnant and had days when she didn’t feel good, she didn’t feel like it very often.

Then, after you came, she was tired a lot, and I started going to college while working full time.

There were a lot of pressures on us at such a young age. Omaha milfs wanting to fuck.

That’s why I hope you’ll make better choices, and marry the right man for the right reasons.

What about mom.

If she wasn’t in the mood as much as you, why would she ever do that.

When a man has sex, he gets the same stimulation as when he…well, when he masturbates. Sex online 3gp.

But it’s not the same for a woman.

She needs to be stimulated in a different place.

Does that make sense? I think so, she said, though I could tell from her face that she needed to think about that.


Later, when she was too tired to want sex, or at the end, when she was unhappy living with me, she still needed the release, just like you do, so I’m sure she did it while I was at school or work.

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