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It was a massive climax, and as Kat came to rest, lying on top of me, we held each other close and I remained inside her.

Neither of us spoke or a few minutes, and I just listened to our breathing becoming less heavy as we relaxed. Sex chatting without reg.

Eventually I spoke.

Thank you, that was very special.

No, thank you, you’re a lovely man.

Maggie’s very lucky, and I’m lucky to be able to share you.

It surprised me hearing Kat say these things, since I thought I was so lucky that she have given herself to me. Hot images sexy horny girls.

Kat continued.

I’m sorry that we had to use a condom, but it’s best for everyone.

This made me think.

Would Maggie had thought about condoms? She wouldn’t have had any with her, since I knew I had the only supply we had, and they were on my side of the bed where I left them last night.

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The thought worried me, and then I thought of Maggie and Simon having wild animalistic sex, without protection.

Even as I lay with Kat, was Maggie giving herself completely to Simon? Amateur bbw webcam. Hey, I’ve lost you again.

Kat’s voice brought me round and I kissed her.


I can’t help thinking how strange this is, and wonder what the others are doing.

They’ll be doing the same as us, only probably not as well. Busty anal webcam.

Kat was doing wonders for my self esteem.

I could almost believe her but, then again, she hadn’t seen Simon with Maggie last time.


What happens now?I asked.

What do you want to happen now?I’m happy just like this, inside you, next to you. Soniamyr free sex cam txt.

It’s wonderful to feel you.

Then let’s stay together.

Let’s get into bed and we can stay together until one of us has had enough, whether that’s you or one of the others.

Or you,I pointed out.

I promise you, I won’t be the first to want to leave.

Again her words were wonderfully reassuring. Anybody want to older women sexs omaha.

I carefully pulled out and removed the condom.

Kat pulled back the covers of the bed and we both got in and Kat came to me and rested her head on my chest and I put my arm around her, with my hand gently stroking the side of her breast.

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We lay in each other's arms and after a while I felt Kat’s breathing change and I realised she was sleeping.

I felt a deep warmth that she felt secure in my arms and was happy to sleep with me.

My senses still felt overwhelmed.

I thought I should be trying to work out what this all meant, but I wanted to savour the moment, and think back over what Kat and I had done together, both having experienced intense pleasure together. Sykkyb4ik free arabian sex webcam.

I lost sense of time, lying in the dark listening to Kat’s gentle breathing as she slept by me. Coomeet sex chat video.

I was starting to feel tired but I knew that to sleep I would have to move, and I didn’t want to disturb Kat, whose naked body was pressed against mine.

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