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She rubbed her clit against me and started kissing and biting my shoulders as she clenched herself around my fingers.

Her body shuddered as she came, breathing hard against my back, pressing her limp body against me. Smallm amature sex chat.

A couple of songs later, Katrine started looking around the backstage area and whispered something to Antonella and Karen.

The three girls giggled and surrounded me again.

Then Katrine grabbed the hook of my collar and led the three of us away to a small open spot next to the stage that had speaker cabinets and instrument cases blocking us from everybody’s view. Usa live sex.

Katrine pressed herself tightly against me and kissed me hard, while Karen undid my pants and slid them and my panties down to my ankles.

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She then lifted up her dress and whispered, Fuck me, right here.

I need to feel a cock in me too much to wait any more.

Because of her heels, she was a little hard to reach, but soon Katrine lowered her slick pussy onto my rigid cock, staring into my eyes and smirking wickedly. Fuck in ukiah. swinging..

She squeezed my nylon-covered ass tightly and ground herself against me, while Karen ran her soft hands all over my legs and licked my ear.

I tried to hold back my orgasm a little longer so I could savor every moment, but when Antonella’s hands appeared from behind Katrine and started squeezing her large breasts, I knew I couldn’t control myself much longer.


With the guitars blasting and lights glaring around us, Katrine ground herself into me, while Karen pressed her body tightly against me from behind, grabbing Katrine’s ass and pulling me deeper inside her. Annie berry porno.

I screamed in ecstasy and finally exploded into Katrine, pumping my come into her until I thought it would never stop. Gay hidden camera sex.

She was bucking wildly and clenching her tight pussy against me, milking every drop from me.

Katrine kept me inside her and kissed me deeply, as the other girls made me spurt time and time again by running their soft hands all over my body. Utah sex cams.

Eventually, we caught our breath and the girls got me dressed and led me back to the other side of the stage, still surrounding me.


A few songs later the girls finished their set to thunderous applause and cheers.

Ashley and Katia were the first to leave the stage, and Katrine and Antonella hugged and congratulated them on the wildly successful gig. Indian web cam sex.

Ashley exclaimed, Thanks a lot, loves! Keys, please!as Antonella took the key necklace off and handed it over.

The two girls each hugged me and kissed me deeply, thanking me for such a good time, and promised to catch up with me again sometime.

Nialove69 kerala home freesex.