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This story happened when I was a salesman for a sporting goods company, and I was out of town at a sporting goods convention for a week.

I was at the convention with my sales manager, Larry Masters, who was forty years old at the time, and another salesman, named Marcus Brown, who is about my age and is a black man. Girlnextdoo7 live vedeyo chat xxx sex.

We arrived at the convention center on the weekend before the show started and spent two long days setting up our exhibition booth, to be ready for the show opening on Monday morning.

Our assignment for the rest of the week was to work the booth and make sales to the convention attendees.

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Our plan was to go out and get a quick dinner after the show closed each day, and then go to one of our rooms to drink and play cards for the rest of the evening.

We didn’t have time to play cards on Saturday or Sunday nights, due to the long hours setting up the booth, but on Monday night we met in Larry’s room for some relaxation. Education intercourse sexual.

After we played cards for several hours and were by that time getting silly from drinking so much, Larry suggested that we play a game of truth or dare.

I know that sounds a little odd for grown men to play that type of game, but given our drunken state, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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The early rounds of the game were pretty bland, with each of us asking the others to be truthful about various topics, mostly related to our company and the office we worked in.

As we continued drinking, the topics eventually became sexually oriented, and we were asking each other to be truthful about how we felt about some of the hot women in the office, and whether we’d like to fuck them, or had actually fucked any of them. Casual sex in de pash khone.

As it turned out, Larry said that despite being married and getting plenty of pussy at home, he has a high sex drive and a big cock and had fucked several of the women in the office.


He is a pretty sincere guy, so I tended to believe him.

It was then Larry’s turn to ask me a truth question, and that became the fateful turning point in the game, and in my life for that matter. Sex tube webcam.

Larry asked, Ed, what are your favorite sexual fantasies? I know that if my guard wasn’t down from being so drunk, I wouldn't have answered that question truthfully.

But I said, I sometimes like to fantasize that I am a cuckold to my wife, and envision other men fucking her and me sucking her pussy after they cum in her. Lovelyiris porno caht moldavo.

Larry and Marcus got very excited at my response, and Larry pressed further.


He asked, Well, Ed, have you ever acted on that fantasy? I was starting to realize that I shouldn’t have answered the original question truthfully, but I felt strangely compelled to answer Larry’s questions. Aprilsunnyy webcam models.

I said, No, Larry, it has just been a fantasy of mine, probably since I have a small cock and like to imagine a well-hung guy fucking her.

But she would never allow that, and I know that I could never really do it.

Larry continued, Well, Ed, what else do cuckolds do that gives you such great fantasies? Santaprincess free trial cam sex. I responded, I have read hundreds of stories where the cuckold husband will sometimes suck the cock of the big-dicked stud, both as an act of submission but also to get him hard to fuck his wife.


The cuckold will also suck his wife and the stud while they are fucking, and then suck all of the cum out of his wife after the stud cums in her. Web sex without signing.

Larry said, Holy shit, that's really hot! I find it hard to believe that you've never done any of that, given the way you get so excited just describing it.

Tell us more about how a cuckold becomes a cock sucker.

I continued, There really isn’t much more to tell, and I have just read about that stuff. Slovakia where to find girl to fuck.

But some of the cuckold men start to enjoy sucking the cocks and balls of their wiveslovers, and they all seem to enjoy sucking larger cocks, because many of the cuckold men have small cocks.


I guess it is a submissive thing to suck another guy’s cock, but some cuckolds really enjoy that.

" "I think the biggest thrill for cuckolds is tasting and swallowing the cum of the stud, whether they get it directly from the cock or from the wife’s well-fucked pussy.

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