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I did, meekly obeying her instructions until I was naked except for my collar, my cuffs, and my ears, unable to tear my eyes from the rough wooden stockade. Photo pic sexy video wife.

It was one of those ones you see at the history museum.

Two slotted posts with planks between them, each cut out in a half circles big enough for the prisoner’s neck and wrists.

Currently, it was empty.

“It’s perfect.

Custom made for whores, kitty.

” Laura’s voice was cruel, her grip on my hair even crueler as she unhooked the leash from my collar and forced me to bend over until my neck was resting in the center cut out.

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I felt a stab of panic, struggling uselessly as the reality of my situation set in. Women who wanna fuck in sellin.

Locked in place, my ass and cunt available for use in a roomful of horny guys who’s been drinking since they’d got here… “Be still, whore.

Ally hissed as she grabbed my arms, holding them in place as Laura lowered the other half of the stockade, pinning me in place.

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My heart sank as I heard the loud clock of the metal padlock sealing my fate.

I had given up all control.

What happened next was up to my captors, the girls of KINK.

Behind me, I heard giggles, followed by the tap of the dreaded night stick against my calves, reluctantly, I spread my legs with each tap, until I was poised on the balls of my feet, my legs spread wide. Bedava canl? sex chat.

Moments later, I felt the kiss of steel around my ankles as my legs were secured.

I couldn’t tell what I was attached to. Chilinix free incest webcam.

Whatever it was, it didn’t budge when I tried to close my legs.

“Oh, you are going to have so much fun, whore.

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