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Pantyhose webcam.

It felt exquisite, and I couldn’t wait for the moment to feel him inside me, tried to lift my pelvis, but he held me in place, made me take my pleasure at his pace.

My breath raced.

Then he slid in, with agonizing slowness, millimeter by millimeter, and I felt every ridge and cranny of his fabulous organ slide along my pussy walls while it stretched them apart. Living sex toy delivery episode 3.

God, he was huge! It didn’t seem to end.

He slid deeper and deeper, and the only hint of his passion was the narrowing of his eyes, the flickers of passion that could barely be contained.

"God, you’re tight.

" It was more of a grunt, but the time for words was almost past us anyway.

"Ready?" I nodded, eyes wide in anticipation.

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With one strong thrust he pushed himself into my folds and I moaned, his pelvis hit mine and shook my whole body, which answered the assault with an enthusiastic wave of pleasure.

"Yes!" I think I screamed.

He let loose.

He didn’t make love to me, he didn’t even fuck me. Girl has sex at concert.

He speared me, hammered me with that huge cock in a fast, relentless rhythm that made me shake and spasm.

I moaned and whimpered continuously, already having been close to the edge, and every time he filled my womb so completely, stretched the walls of my pussy with each new thrust and bumped against my clit with his pelvis, my arousal climbed higher and higher towards an earth-shaking release.

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Yes, this was it! This was the way I needed to be taken, the forceful, unapologetic reaping of pleasure from my wanton body.

I was getting close, the pleasure already shooting in waves through my lower body and my voice having lost any semblance of coherence. Alexiaxxxyou live free vedio xxx sex chat with indian teen girls.

A loud click behind me made us freeze, his cock buried all the way inside me.

I looked behind me through foggy eyes and wanted to die.

A young woman, dressed in hotel garb, stood in the doorway and looked at us like a deer caught in the headlights.

"What is it?" He growled.

"I, we," she stammered and finally helplessly held up a keycard, "there’s been a mix up with the rooms," she started, but he cut her short.

"We know.

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Just put the key on the side table.

" He looked back at me and a devious grin spread over his lips.

Without any hesitancy he started fucking me again, not paying anymore notice to the shocked girl.

I couldn’t believe it.

The embarrassment rolled over me in waves, but I couldn’t look away, had to stare at her, watch her slink through the room on trembling legs and lay down the key with dark red cheeks. Sex movies busty mature and boy.

For a moment, our eyes met, disbelieving stare meeting uninhibited lust, and that was like a trigger being pulled.

The pleasure peaked to incredible levels and I toppled over the edge, spasming and writhing, my long, drawn-out moan filling the air.


My pussy clenched around his cock and I felt it throb inside me. Sexy american looking for hot german girl pin married swinger.

His voice joined mine with a loud, hoarse rumble, and I felt him spurt his come inside me, again and again.

I was breathless and sweaty when he pulled out.

"God," I groaned, setting my feet back down on the floor, "that was brilliant.

" He just chuckled. Ind sex chat free online.

And started dressing again.

Pantyhose webcam.