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But I thought of him often.

For old times sake I would go down into the basement.

I would stretch out in my favorite spot and stroke myself with soft feathery fingers the way Billy did.

I would challenge myself to see how long, thick and hard I could make it. Chat cam sex face face.

With a little drop of pre-cum I would gently rub the sweet spot behind the swollen dome.

In my mind's eye I would be locked hopelessly in Billy's iron clutches, squirming like a fly in a web while he taunted me.

I would think of my cock in the crook of his arm as he tightened it, massaging it with those smooth ropes of muscle. Sub bttm seeks morning fuck.

That little memory worked every time.

I would stiffen and moan.

I would come in the loveliest of colors.


I'm married with kids now, and I have fond memories of those basement sessions.

I know a few things now that I did not know then.

I know that it was more than just a youthful homo-erotic experiment. Windsor ontario sex trade.

It was about being held.

Everybody wants to be held and Billy held me tighter than anyone else ever has.

And I know that he was much more than a friend, more than a best friend.

The truth is, I loved him.

We sat there eating dinner in an awkward silence, none of us had really seen each other all day and we certainly hadn’t talked about what happened last night. Public sex rough.

I didn’t know if mum was cross with me or not following her finding out l had sex with my sister or if my sister had had second thoughts about finding out that l was fucking mum and that had led to me fucking her.


‘so’ mum said suddenly, ‘we have a problem, don’t we?’ I didn’t know what to say and started glugging down my beer, finally my sister said ‘well is it a problem?…. Violette pure sex.

l mean we all knew what we…’ ‘no, l don’t mean that, l mean where the hell is Andy going to sleep tonight?’ I nearly choked on my beer, my sister just gawped at mum ‘I mean is he going to sleep in your room or mine or maybe he could come and go between the two’ mum laughed out loud after she said this, all tension was broke and we joined in. Webcam toy dildo.

‘I’m sorry mum, l didn’t mean to do it’ my sister said ‘no need to say sorry to me, like l could talk anyway’ she said and winked at my sister, ‘good though isn’t he’ mum said giggling, ‘sure is, made me have multiple orgasms!!’ , l felt the heat of my face blushing, l’m here, l thought, stop talking about me as if l wasn’t, but said nothing.

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mum got up walked round to my sister and put her hands on her shoulders and started to gently massage them, ‘l’ve been thinking about the situation we have here, l mean we all know what’s going on, why don’t we all just get on with it’.

Her hands moved down to my sisters breasts and gently massaged them, which made my sister take in a short fast breath, before letting the air slowly exhale with a ‘ooooh’, she didn’t stop my mum, just laid her head back resting it between my mums breasts. Jacklin sex.

‘why don’t we just all sleep together tonight?’ my mum said looking down at my sister, ‘that would work for me l guess’ my sister stuttered out as my mum massaged her breasts with more force.


I watched red faced, mouth open, cock hard, as my mum lifted my sisters top off her and undid her bra, letting out her gorgeous tits with those big bullet hard nipples and returned to massaging the now naked breasts. Sandrablue oneonone cam sex.

As she massaged my mum bent down and with my sisters head bent back and to the side their mouths engaged in the most sensual and erotic kiss l’d ever seen.

My sister got up and led my mum to the settee, they sat down and my mum instantly moved over and started to suck on my sisters nipples, sucking, licking and nibbling them, whilst her hand slowly moved down to between my sisters legs, rubbing her pussy.

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