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Karl’s voice broke her concentration.

Are you okay? Claire smiled.

I was miles away, she told him.

Oh, where? Somewhere into the future, she told him.

He smiled as he moved closer to her.

Where exactly? She smiled and pulled herself back a little.

I’ll tell you later. Chat webcam north ireland.

Is it a dirty place? he whispered.

Absolutely filthy.

I’d better get us a taxi then, he told her.

Fifteen minutes later they found themselves walking through the city centre.

They passed a couple of empty shops; one between two charity shops and the other next to a bookmaker. Angel princess sex.

They looked at each other and shook their heads.


They then headed into a shopping arcade.

It held some up market shops, like jewellers and clothing boutiques.

Claire remembered seeing an empty one a few weeks earlier and they soon found it.

Karl looked through the large window. Www sex livechat.

Seems quite spacious, he told her.

They have an upstairs as well.

Claire looked at the large To-Let sign, but Karl also saw a notice on the door window regarding letting.

He took out his mobile phone.

It’s Sunday, Claire told him, there’ll be no estate agents open now. Ladyfury sissy sex chat.

Suddenly Karl started speaking to a voice at the other end.

Claire stood back as Karl wandered up to the shop next door, mobile to his ear and talking away.


Moments later he was back at her side, He’ll be here in fifteen minutes.

Who? The leaseholder, he told her. Sexy sexy beautiful.

Place has been empty for almost six months and the letting agents are having no luck in shifting it.

I think we may get a good deal here.

He sounds eager to get it let.

Claire stood looking through the window.

In her mind she could picture the racks and rails of lingerie; stands for stockings and perhaps some costume jewellery. Super sexy milf porn.

The nameIntimates’ popped into her mind; ‘Claire’s Intimates’ she muttered to herself.

She turned to Karl and told him.

Sounds good, he told her, just as the leaseholder approached them.


So what line of retail are you in? he asked them as he opened the door for them. Kristina121 xxxonline livesex video without id.

Claire opened her mouth to speak, but Karl cut in, We have a few ideas, he replied.

It all depends on the overheads.

She smiled to herself.

Karl was a shrewd businessman as well.

They followed the man around.

As well as an upstairs floor there was also an office area, a kitchen and small restroom and there was a large stock room with an outside loading bay. Kittykatx free sex chat camera.

It was ideal.

She pulled away and wandered around on her own, picturing where everything would go.


Karl and the leaseholder remained in one corner in deep discussion for a while.

She could hear them talking over figures.

Karl seemed to be the one talking the most. Sexy shemale cams pictures.

She could imagine that he would drive a hard bargain.

She glanced down at his crotch, ‘It wasn’t the only hard thing that he drove’, she thought to herself.

A few minutes later they walked towards her.

Can we use Neil’s firm as our solicitors? Karl asked her. Shemales fucking men asses.


yes, I’m sure that would be okay.

The man took out his notepad.

Claire gave him the firm’s address and telephone number.

It will be Neil Dodds, Mr.


Neil Dodds you will need to speak to.

The man finished writing.

I’ll get a lease agreement dropped round first thing in the morning, he told Karl as he stretched out his hand. Lilu01 webcam strip danc sex.

Karl took it, Hopefully, we’ll get back to you next week once we have had our board meeting.

The man looked at Claire.

He looked her up and down, his eyes resting on her left hand.

And Mrs.

Mrs Dodds is my co-director, Karl told him.

He held out his hand.

Pleased to meet you, Mrs Dodds, he told her. Sexy south actress pictures.

She didn’t like the smirk on his face, but there again, she wasn’t bothered by it either.


May we hang on to the keys? Karl asked him.

We would like to have a good look round.

Get a feel of the place, you know? The man looked at Claire again.

No problem, he told them. Mallu gay sex.

I have other sets.

Karl shook his hand again and he left.

Closing the door behind him Karl and Claire went into the back office and store area.

She threw herself into his arms and kissed him.

I can’t believe this is happening, she told him.

Karl slipped his hand under her skirt. Dontkillmvibe webcam.

Claire automatically parted her thighs.

His fingers probed and prodded her before slipping inside her panties.

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