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A powerful orgasm began to build inside me, growing more and more intense until I exploded, my seed pouring on to Jerry’s belly and cock.

I kept moving, using the semen as lube to move faster and more smoothly against my friend’s hardness.

Then he was groaning and his cum was pouring out between us to mingle with mine. Bigboobsplay sex chats in malayalam to read.

I collapsed on top of him.

"Nice way to wake up, man," I whispered to Jerry before kissing his mouth.

"Amen, brother.

But we do have a meeting to get to.

" "I know," I answered.

We got out of bed and showered together.

Then we dressed in our suits and headed to grab a bite before our meetings began. Mobile sex chat sample.

It ended up being a long day.


Even lunch was a meeting.

However, it also proved to be highly productive, with a couple tentative deals underway and one that had been under negotiation finalized.

It almost made up for the crap of the day before.

All through the day, my mind kept wandering back to our hotel room. Korean sexy game show.

I daydreamed about the feel of Jerry’s cock in my hand and in my mouth.

I got hard as I recalled the orgasms of both the night and the morning; recalled being soaked in our mingled cum.

We had an hour to kill between meetings in the afternoon and Jerry slipped away. Porno sxs video.

He rather mysteriously said that he had some things to pick up.

By the time he returned, we were off to another meeting but in the car, he quickly flashed me a glimpse of condoms and lube in his briefcase.


That got me stiff again so I distracted myself with reading over the contract we were going to discuss. Beach sex at planet fitness where are you.

Dinner came and went.

Jerry flirted as we ate in a quiet, intimate little place near the hotel.

We even made out briefly in the men’s room, kissing deeply as we massaged each other’s cock through our trousers.

Back at the room, we undressed each other slowly, taking lots of time for touching and kissing. Sport women sex.

By the time we were both naked, we were also both hard.

We pressed our bodies together and gently moved our cocks against one another.

Our hands roamed down to massage and explore each other’s ass while we shared kiss after hot kiss.

"I want you to fuck me," Jerry said when we were both quite aroused.

"Seriously?" "Very.

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I haven’t a guy up my ass in years," he answered, giving my ass a squeeze.

My fantasies about men had only touched on anal sex.

It wasn’t something that I’d really thought about doing.

The idea of fucking Jerry’s ass seemed very arousing in the moment, though. Show me a map of essex.

Jerry got the condoms and lube out.

Leading me to the bed, he lay down and spread his legs.

"Touch my asshole," he said.

I obeyed, stroking and rubbing the rim of his back passage with my finger.

"Lube your finger and put it in.

See how nice and tight it is.

" Squeezing some lube on to my finger, I massaged some into the opening and then eased my finger inside. Wikipedia sex images.

It was, as he said, nice and tight.


I started to imagine how wonderful it would be put my cock inside.

For now, I just slowly fucked him with a finger while using my other hand to play with his cock and balls.

"Mm, yes, Alex.

That is nice.

Now put on a condom and lube up. Adult webcam chat sites.

I want you to fuck me.

I want your cock filling my ass.

" I was hard as a rock so I rolled a condom on and thoroughly coated it with the lube.

Mounting my buddy, I pressed the head against his opening.

Slowly, I pushed in.

His tight little asshole squeezed me as I entered it, but I got in. Bom sex indonesia.

Slowly, I began sliding in and out, fucking him with slow thrusts.

"How’s that, Alex?" Jerry said, his voice soft and a little breathless, "How’s it feel to fuck your buddy’s ass?" "Great, man," I heard my saying, "It’s so tight.


I can’t last long.

" "That’s okay man, Just fuck me until you cum. Hongkong sexchatting app.

Ravish my ass with that beautiful, hard cock.

" I fucked him as fast and hard as the tight opening would allow.

My balls slapped against his ass with each entry.

Jerry was moaning and gasping.

It quickly became too much.

"Oh Jesus, yes," I shouted as my orgasm hit. Adult sex sites.

It was the strongest I’d had with Jerry yet.

I couldn’t stop thrusting; couldn’t stop enjoying the feel of his tight ass gripping my cock and milking my seed out.

It last for several seconds, leaving me worn out and breathless.

Then I pulled out and got down between Jerry’s legs. Online sex chat telugu.

Taking his big, stiff prick between my lips, I began sucking him, taking it in as deep as I dared.


At the same time, I entered his well-lubed ass with a finger and massaged his prostate.

It didn’t take much of that before he was crying out while my mouth filled with his cream. Franklin maine j girls webcam.

This time, I found it easier to manage and swallowed quite a bit of it.

As we showered together afterwards, I took further delight in my friend’s body.

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