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I was in my element, I'd only driven the little tractor of Jacks but after a few quick tips from Larry, our new hand, I was raring to go.

If we were going to get anything back from the new fields the next year, they had to be cleared, and a winter crop of cabbages, brussel sprouts, and cauliflowers put in before too long. Sex vide.

The three of us worked hard and long, most nights it was almost dark before we knocked off, Larry proved his worth by being a keen grafter who needed telling only once.

After just his second trip to the wholesalers with our produce, he rang us on his mobile to say that another farmer had asked if there was enough room on his truck to pick his produce up as well after loading all ours on. Silicon sexy milf xxx.

The price he offered for the two days we used the truck plus an extra day when we didn't need it meant that he covered the diesel costs as well as Larry's wages, we were ecstatic and gave Larry a bonus of double wages the following week.


Finally, in mid-October all the produce had gone, only a few plots remained, onions, garlic and of course the tomatoes which we grew all year round, there wasn't going to be enough work for the three of us until next spring, so we had a meeting with Jack and Brenda. Gay guys on webcam.

Jack produced two bottles of champagne and the accounts.

"Do you want the good news or the bad news first?" "Bad news?" I said I could hardly believe there'd be any bad news.

"Go on Jack," I grinned although I really didn't feel much like it.

He went through the balance sheet of the ins and outs none of which meant anything to me. Tamil sex chat lx.

But at least I understood that we'd made a healthy profit, then we came to the new partnership, between them both mum and Jack had spent almost one hundred and sixty thousand pounds, the biggest item of expenditure being the purchase of the fields, followed closely by the truck.

"That's the bad news, Terry," "However," he went on after he'd lit that bloody lethal weapon of his up again.

"Those items are a one-off and can be offset against income tax, so in effect, we've made a profit.

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He sucked and exhaled more smoke than they ever saw at Hiroshima and laughed.

"So it gives me great pleasure to present you Sarah with this cheque for your half yearly bonus of two thousand pounds.

" He was well into his role of master of ceremonies, but suddenly he sat down again. Old sexy grannies in swimsuits.

Mum was over the moon with the cheque, and then the old bugger stood up again and puffed out another toxic cloud.

"And I suppose you'd better have this young Terry," and he passed me a cheque for the same amount.

I was so pleased and surprised that I jumped up and hugged him.

"Sod off yer little twat, go on sod off.

" but he was laughing, and the three of us all joined in with him.

"There's just one thing more," he said.

"Then I want you and your lovely mother to bugger off 'cos I'm tired.

" He threw a bunch of keys onto the table.

"I want four hundred quid for them there keys.

" Mum raised her eyebrows at me, and I nodded.

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Jack continued to suffocate us all as mum pulled out a chequebook and asked me to help her, she'd never had one before and had no idea how to make out a cheque.

We filled it in and handed it to Jack, who grunted and stood up.

"Cheers folks, g'night.

" and walked out of the room leaving us open-mouthed in amazement. Jamsion sex chat.

Brenda picked the keys up and handed them to mum.

"He really is an awkward old sod," she said and refilled our glasses with the last of the champagne.

"We have a holiday home on Gran Canaria in the Canary Isles, we usually let it out in winter because the islands have year-round sun and they're extremely popular between now and March. Webcam big anal dildo.

We usually charge two hundred pounds a week, but it's his way of saying thank you, the villa is yours from now until next March, and of course, you'll be paid your wages at the winter rate of half the summer rate, which is what you'd get if you stayed here.

" We called a taxi because the old bugger had gone to bed and we sat in the back in a daze.

"Four months, Terry.

" "I know.

" "He's not real.

" "He bloody is mum, he's real all right.

" "He's wonderful.

" "He's a grumpy old fart.

" "Yes, but he's still wonderful.

" "He's bloody marvellous, mum.

" We were both a little bit nervous about flying because neither of us had ever done it before, but once we reached our cruising height of thirty-three thousand feet and the stewardess brought us a drink, we settled down and actually began to enjoy it.

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The flight took four and a half hours and ended in a gut-wrenching landing on a runway that had been built in the sea, but there was no splash, no shouts of alarm, we'd made it! As the stewardess opened the doors the hot air hit us and we grinned at each other, we had four months of this to enjoy, and we intended to enjoy every day of it. Hidden cams indian sex.

It was an hour taxi ride to the villa in Puerta Rica, a beautiful little holiday town built around a man-made, horseshoe-shaped beach.

As we unloaded our cases from the taxi, I looked around and judged it to be a ten or fifteen minutes walk to the beach where we'd seen rather grand looking yachts moored up in the little harbour, and according to the driver there were about twelve bars that we had to pass to actually get to the beach.

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Paradise! Mum looked absolutely gorgeous in a very short white mini skirt and a pink vest top, all the bruises had long since cleared up, and her blonde hair was back to it's best and was actually getting quite long.

For my own part, I'd shaved my head almost completely in the style that a lot of lads my age favoured and I found it very comfortable. Ebony mature webcam.

Sex chat conversation with a girl.