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I was thrilled, ecstatic, as the rest of the class got up to leave.

I stayed put, considering he did tell me to stay after.

I leaned back in my chair and gave little Miss Bethany Sharp a smile as she walked past me.

I knew what she was thinking.

So, Lindsey, why is it that you’re having a difficult time paying attention in my class? Tsunade nude sexy pic. He asked after the last student – which ironically happened to be Bethany – had left the room.

Gee, I wonder why? I’m not too sure… He quickly went to the door before shutting and locking it.

He then turned back to me, I had to say that just so no one would become suspicious of anything.

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He walked towards his desk.

I took this as my cue and got up to follow him.

What do you mean, Mr.

Shuffield? I tried to act as innocent as I could, but I knew he saw right through me.

Oh, you know what I meant, Linds… he trailed off as he looked at me.

You had to wear that today, didn’t you? Free web cam sex online. His eyes began roaming up and down my body.

All for you, baby…and feel what you do to me, I said before taking his hand, spreading my thighs and pressing his hand to my damp lace panties.

He curled his fingers upward and began rubbing my pussy through my panties while staring me right in the eyes.

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My pussy felt like it was going to explode from his touch.

I had to brace myself against his desk so I wouldn’t fall over.

Oohhhh, my God…this feels sooo amazing… It’s about to feel better… he replied before pushing my panties to the side and slipping a finger into my tight pussy. Amateur webcam sites.

Ohhhh, fuckkk… I moaned out, you know, I almost didn’t wear panties today, but I decided to because I knew I’d be wet all day just thinking about having you deep inside me… Oh yeah? He worked a second finger inside me before seeking out my spot.

My sudden cries told him he hit the jackpot.

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Uh, huh…I need this soooo bad… My pussy was dripping all over his skilled fingers.

He curled his fingers inside my cunt and concentrated on my spot, alternating between rubbing and fingering me.

He caught me off guard when his thumb started rubbing my clit. Tube bukkake sex free videos.

Ohhh, shit! Take your panties off, he ordered as he withdrew his fingers from pussy.

I moaned out at the sudden emptiness before quickly shedding the panties I wore for him.

Good girl… He continued to sit where he was before he wrapped his arm around my waist to pull me closer to him.

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I took the cue and decided to sit in his lap, but facing away from him.

I leaned back against his body as his hand snaked its way under my skirt before slipping two fingers into my young, tight pussy.

Mmmmm, this feel so good… I moaned out as his fingers began their magic in my tight cunt. The perfect homemade porno.

Ha, just wait until I fuck you… Oh God… Like he’s gonna help me right now… His sped up his fingering, really getting in there deep while I began grinding against his hand, the palm of his hand hitting my clit with each thrust.

My moans were gaining in pitch, my cunt squeezing his thick fingers, before I realized that he wasn’t stopping until I came on his hand.

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The sensations were racking through my body.

It was like he knew exactly what I wanted, what I needed, as he continued to probe my pussy.

I could feel my juices running down my ass, but at that point, I could’ve cared less.

His fingers were busy in my cunt and I loved it. Women need sex luthersville georgia.

This was unlike any other guy I’ve ever experienced.

He knew what he was doing.

He knew what it was going to take to get me off.

All those high school boys had nothing on this…man.

Yeah, this man that’s about to show me how a girl properly gets fucked.

I shuddered at that thought. 1 to 1 sex chat.

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I couldn’t believe I was finally gonna get fucked by him, fucked by the man that has haunted my dreams night in and night out.

I was so excited, my juices running heavily, when I finally came all over his hand.

But he didn’t stop.

He only increased his movements which caused my chest to drastically heave up and down. Sexy kenosha wisconsin cape kenosha wisconsin.

I decided to remove the tie and shirt, revealing the straps of my bra to his gaze while he finger-fucked the hell out of me, causing another orgasm to rip through me.

Soooo, good, baby! Fuckkk! I screamed out before I realized my bra was gone.

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