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Allan lapped at Beth’s hot, wet pussy, his tongue entering her with ease.

Allan knew what Beth liked and he worked her pussy, his tongue like a windscreen wiper, moving from side to side, varying the depth of his tongue, his fingers and knuckles adding to her physical external stimulation. Free online real people adult sex dating sites cam chat.

What was turning Beth on most, however, was the images in her mind, dirty dancing naked with some stranger, being watched and wanted, being groped and aroused, licking and sucking the stranger, bringing him to climax in her mouth then being licked and tantalized, coming on the stranger’s face.

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‘I’m coming on a stranger’s face,’ the notion echoed in her mind.

I’m coming on a stranger’s face, she exclaimed aloud as her body tensed in orgasmic overload, leaving Allan in no doubt she was in fantasy mode now.

He felt her gush, a warm flow of her own juices tricking down his tongue and into his own mouth. Omegle sex chat video.

He swallowed her cum in much the same way that she had swallowed his.

Beth rolled off of Allan and they lay together, side by side for several minutes.

They looked at each other and then Allan smiled at her.

What’s the cheesy grin for?

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Beth asked.

Oh, you know, Allan replied in his usual casual manner. Free clips thug gay sex videos.

She gave him one of her stern looks.

Then what? Allan asked.

Beth understood.

Then… Beth said, kissing her husband tenderly, …I’d come and find you.

I’d tell you all about it and get you so hot you’d bring me home and fuck me the rest of the night.

You’d want me to fuck you? Vivien sex. Allan replied, playing the game.

Mmm Beth responded, climbing on top of her husband and pinning his arms down against the mattress.

Yes, but like this.

Beth lowered her hips onto Allan’s cock which was regaining its firmness.

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To regain control, Allan rolled Beth onto her back so he was on top. Wanting free sex brasilia.

Wouldn’t you prefer it like this? he asked.

She rolled back on top of him again.

This way is better she said and smiled.

Beth loved it when they fooled around during sex.

Love making could be so ruddy clinical at times, so it was nice to make it fun, and anyway, they had a similar sense of humor. Barbiegirl canada live sex chat.

They were on the same wave length and could both fully enjoy the temporary diversion.

She also loved the sense of being in total control by being on top.

Allan and Beth rollicked and fucked for several hours, the alcohol, atmosphere and effect of the E adding to their pleasure and sensations before exhaustion got the better of them.

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They fell asleep in each other’s arms on top of the sheets.

The stereo played on and the lights remained on until morning.

Beth was the first one to wake up and she showered and prepared some toast and fresh OJ, turning the volume on the stereo down to a more acceptable level. Sex gta v online.

Allan eventually surfaced, his mood changing from struggling to wake up to one of delight when he saw Beth had prepared Breakfast.

His delight was also due to the fact that she was wearing the tightest of T shirts, braless and she filled the undersized T-shirt to the brim with her fabulous body.

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He felt the stirrings down below and his thoughts leapt forward onto the evening ahead.

Happy Birthday! Beth said.

She gave Allan a big hug, pressing her only thinly covered body against his naked body.

He reached for her buttocks but she pulled away.

You’ll have to wait for your present until tonight! Sex video jennifer. she said, playfully.

Allan smiled.

Hell, he was looking forward to seeing just how far her fantasy from the night before would come to fruition.

Little did he know that Beth was looking forward to his birthday outing even more than Allan.

I’ll need to go shopping shortly she said, placing his breakfast in front of him.

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Why? Allan asked, scraping a burnt bit off his toast.

I’ve nothing to wear for tonight Beth said, looking at him in her sly, sexy way.

Allan’s heart melted.

He knew that look and he couldn’t bear to disappoint her.

And, Allan was confident that Beth’s shopping trip wouldn’t disappoint him, whatever she bought. Chat porno android.

You know the kinds of things I like and I’ve seen a lovely boutique in town that looks very promising, Beth told him.

What have you got in mind? Allan inquired.

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