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We discussed together what we both liked to do and we both had the same ethos about gay sex, that it was a mutual affair and that both parties had to achieve satisfaction from the coupling.

Like me, Jonathan was not interested in raping a guy just because he found him attractive. Bigboobsmilk erotic webcam chat.

If I had been that way inclined, he said, I would have taken you in the showers just now, which is what my cock was telling me it wanted, but I can no more act like that than fly to the moon.

And so we discussed what each of us would like to do to the other, before we stripped of and got down to an afternoon of copulation. Canada girlsex.

We began by my letting Jonathan fuck me in my favourite lying down flat on my back on a table.


As I took up my position, he spread my legs and looked at his target and whistled appreciatively.

Nice tight fuck-hole you have, Sebastian – just what I like. Catherine breillat sex.

He went to a drawer and pulled out a packet of condoms one of which he rolled on to his huge hard cock which was now at least ten inches long as it stood to attention ready for action.

I had to believe that the triple cock-ring gave it added stature as the cock and ball combination was now a formidable weapon. Free porn amazing sex.

He applied some lube and came across to me and made as if to start.

One minute, I told him, how about some internal lubing before you start drilling me.

I have never heard of internal lubing, he said, How do I do it?

I motioned to my satchel and had him extract one of Craig’s lube injector kits, which I told him to push up my arse and squeeze the lubricant into my rectum. Bbw suck bbc webcam tube.

You will see, once you get started, that you will have one of the best and most comfortable fucks ever, I told him.

Jonathan was much like Craig in his approach to my hole.

He started by very gently pushing the knob of his cock against my sphincter and when he felt it yielding to his pressure he firmly, in one smooth continuous thrust, gave me the full length of his shaft. Granny indonesia sex.

If anybody had told me on a couple of months ago that I would allow a guy to shaft my arse with his ten inch cock, in the way I was now doing, I would have said they were mad.


But here I was, actually enjoying being fucked by a guy I hardly knew, but with whom I had already established a certain spiritual rapport. Busty amateur mature fuck.

My style is all of my own, said Jonathan.

I always start by very gently fucking my partner’s arse and gradually build up the amplitude and force of my strokes until I can withdraw my cock completely and then re-enter with great force.

I have found that this gives both me and my partner the greatest orgasm and I want to be sure that you too arrive at a great climax, which is something lots of guys having an occasional fuck forget. Blanche lincoln fucking.

I always try to remember that my partner of the moment is just as important as I am myself.


What a pounder Jonathan turned out to be once he got into his rhythm.

He was a true master of anal fucking and I absolutely enjoyed ever moment of it.

I held my own cock out of his way and when we finally climaxed simultaneously I had a huge orgasm and shot forth an unbelievably quantity of thick creamy cum. Kira zen sex.

It was a very exhilarating experience.

Even though it was Jonathan who had expended all the force to get us to where we were, we both were utterly exhausted at the end and needed a rest before going any further.

That was really a great fuck, Sebastian.

he said, as we relaxed together in a sort of post- coital daze, What do you fancy next? Mellyme video live porno. I would truly like to have you do the same to me as I am simply dying to have your cock inside me, but do you feel up to it?

Give me ten minutes and I am your man, I laughed, Do I look like a weakling? What do you take me for? Come on, Jonathan, of course I am up to it, as I will now prove to you! Omegel usa sexy video. And so we reversed roles and I gave Jonathan what he wanted, except that he decided that he would like me to take him from behind, holding on to his buttocks as I serviced him.

It was just as successful and was a memorable ending to what had been an afternoon of utter pleasure for both of us. Malecat777 hd sexy models.

Listen, said Jonathan as we showered together after our ‘labours’, I am truly taken by you and judging from this, our first encounter, we make a very complementary fucking duo as we both like it all, which is to say to fuck and to be fucked.


Do you think that we could make a regular arrangement? Olivia nova sex. I need sex regularly as I think do you and it would be great to have a regular partner whom one knows is reliable and who has good equipment.

I don’t know anything about you, other than that you were a good gym trainer whom all the clients liked, but I thought that perhaps if we could get together a on Saturdays, when things a re a bit quieter and perhaps a perhaps one evening a week. Feeri sexy indion chat cam.

And, additionally, I would let you use the gym for free.

So, how about it? Well, what should I have said? What would anyone have said to such a great offer? Sex in New York seemed to be there for the taking and what with Craig’s kindness in providing me with free accommodation (and what accommodation!) and getting partially tied up with Jonathan on Saturday’s whilst Craig was away to see his girl friend , I truly found myself on a high roll.

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