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One guy began to hesitate, managing to stutter, "I'm.

going to cum.

" "Cum in my mouth, baby!" my wife called, and only a moment later I heard the familiar sound of her swallowing, knowing that her throat was filled to capacity with a stranger's cum. Brunette sexy solo.

I listened as she pulled off just enough to catch her breath.

then heard her swallowing again.

These guys were abusing her, degrading my slut wife, using her as nothing more than a cum dumpster, taking advantage of her body to empty their balls, and I was loving it. Hot hot live sex.

I heard quite a bit of movement on the bed, and a bit of laughter - it was then that I realized that there might be as many as ten guys in here, waiting for their turn on my girl.


Fingering sexy pics. Gentle, baby," my wife winced.

"Babe?" I asked, concerned.

"It's okay, honey, I just wasn't ready for such a big cock in my ass.

" I almost came.

With my eyes behind the blindfold, it was agony and ecstacy - knowing full well that my wife, who I love and care about, had every hole filled with cock, and we'd never know whose cock it was. Lanalevi im live sex chat cross dress.

She made it very clear that she was enjoying everything they were giving her.

"Oh fuck," my wife moaned.

"Jesus, how many guys came inside me now?" "God, my ass is so full of cum.

" "Mmmm, I might have to let you cum on my face. Freesex vedeo.

I can barely swallow another drop of cum.

" "Wow!

Whoever this is, leave me your number.

I've gotta have you fuck me like that more often!" After a while, I peeked surreptitiously under my blindfold to check the time. Angel lovette nylon feet porno photos.

Almost over.

I shifted my weight, anticipating what I was going to see when I took off my blindfold.

Just then, one more guy came in.

I could tell that something was weird, because he stood right near me, not moving, for a minute; like maybe he was reconsidering.

"I think you're the last one, baby," my wife announced as I felt someone move past me towards the door.

"Oh! Limberthot full online porno. One more customer?" my wife asked.

"Use me up, baby.

" I heard his pants drop to the floor and my wife reposition herself on the bed.

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He must have still been hesitant, because I heard my wife say, "Don't worry, your wife will never find out.

" My wife gasped, hard, "Fuck! Oh my god!" She sounded a little scared, so I reached back and grabbed her hand.

"Jesus Christ, that's so fucking good," she said. Webcam show privat anal video.

She moaned, loudly, swearing and almost screaming.

This guy was certainly enjoying himself, using up the last bits of my wife's body to get himself off.

It wasn't long before I heard, "Ohhhh fuck! Milf maddness fucked. Baby, you filled my pussy up! That was so much cum! Tell your wife she needs to appreciate that cock.

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