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Jose turned to look at what Jewel was doing to his cock, just in time to see her pull the tip of his cock to her lips.

Her little, red tongue darted out and caressed the ridge running along the head of his mushroom shaped, circumcised dick.

I’m not circumcised, so his dick had a different look than mine; not in a bad way, just different to my eyes. Who can fuck in helena montana tn.

I had a fleeting thought about what it would feel like to trace the edge of the head of his cock with my tongue, as Jewel was doing.

I wondered what his swollen dick would feel like in my mouth; what it would taste like.

I was brought out of my daydream when I saw Jose’s ass tremble at the thrill of having his sister-in-law lick his penis.

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It was a stimulating sight! Jewel opened her mouth and Jose willingly thrust his manhood into her.

She quickly clamped her lips around the shaft of his cock and I could see that she was going to work sucking his cock with gusto.

?? Madre de Dios!! Jose shouted out! Online mobile sex. FUCK but that’s good! Jose began fucking Jewel’s mouth, matching the tempo of my cock penetrating Jewel’s hot cunt, thrust for thrust.

Jewel worked Jose’s hair-covered balls with one hand while her other hand was wrapped around the shaft of Jose’s massive erection. Dollisabel live sexscam free.

Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the fucking she was receiving in her mouth and pussy.


She was an absolute vision of lust and loveliness! I watched in awe as Jose’s brown cock slid in and out of Jewel’s willing mouth and his manly, well muscled hips slowly picked up the tempo of his thrusts. Behind cameragirlssex.

I quickly matched Jose’s tempo, and my thrusts became more forceful.

We were fucking Jewel to a hot Latin beat and she was latterly eating it up! Jose’s ass cheeks were clenching and releasing and I could hear him grunting with his passionate effort.

Jewel’s hips were slapping up against my cock and groin as I thrust mightily into her. Free sex hookup for russellville ar.

I could see Jewel’s firm pretty tits being fondled and pinched by Jose as he fucked her mouth faster and faster.


I was fascinated with the sight of Jose’s fat cock disappearing into Jewel’s mouth.

Talk about HOT! Suddenly, Jewel let go of Jose’s shaft and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer, forcing his tool deeper into her mouth and down her throat. Online sex maloletki.

Clearly her mother had been training her on the technique! J had swallowed my cock the same way enough times that I recognized the form.

I stared at the delicious sight.

And, although I was truly enjoying fucking Jewel’s tight, sweet pussy, I couldn’t help but fanaticize about how it would be to have Jose thrusting his big cock into my mouth! Jailbait girls webcam videos. The thought overpowered me for a moment, and shoved me to the very edge of blowing my load!

I felt a rising heat building deep in my balls.

I knew that very soon I would be filling Jewel’s pussy with my hot ejaculate.

I devoured Jewel and Jose’s actions with my eyes, trying to time my climax with theirs. Sex video xxx live.

Jewel started to buck and bounce her hips (just like her mom!) and I knew that she, too, was at the very door of a massive orgasm.

I redoubled my efforts and felt sweat pop out all over my body.

Love is sometimes hard work; but like they say, Somebody’s got to do it! Indiandutches www tamil realcity sex wab com. Jose grabbed Jewel’s head in his hands and I knew that his cock was about to explode into Jewel, too.

I saw his ass tighten up and heard him shouting in Spanish, but my fevered brain couldn’t translate his passionate cries.


I gave a final thrust, impaling myself as deep into Jewel’s red-hot slit as I could, and joined my partners in a mighty three-way climax! Twlight sex toys. My scrotum and balls contracted tightly and I ejaculated cum into Jewel’s wet, hot cunt.

I grabbed the base of my cock and pulled my dick out and shot my second rope of cum on her pussy lips and into her red pussy hair.

My third long, thick rope of hot cum shot down the length of Jewel’s body; from her pubic mound to her tits! Playboy free webcam. It was overpoweringly sexy to see my sperm cover her belly and run down her flat stomach to fill the hollow of her belly-button.

Jewel, her climax-wracked body bucking with passion, kept her lips tightly wrapped around Jose’s pulsing cock.


She was clearly swallowing the hot, Mexican juice that he was pumping into her mouth from the tip of his swollen dick! Bigmouses online live sex video. God, it looked good! Again, I wondered what it would be like to have a tasty, hard cock explode into MY mouth! I was a bit jealous of Jewel for a split second! Jose pulled his fat cock from Jewel’s mouth and I was overcome with lust when I saw him pump a long jet of sperm into her open mouth. Porn sport sex.

I aimed my pumping cock at the same lovely target and was able to shoot a rope or two of mine toward that alluring target as well.

I wasn’t quite the marksman that he was, though, and a goodly portion of my sperm splashed all over her face! When Jose saw that, he joined me by ejaculating the rest of his thick, white cum onto her face, as well.

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What an entirely erotic and sexually exciting sight to see our cum bathing her face, mingling together and dripping off her chin! I think that sight alone made me shoot a couple more ropes; totally draining my balls in orgasmic delight! As Jose and I were empting our cocks on the sweet object of our desire, Jewel was exploding herself! Babe clip fucking latina trailer. Her hips were bucking and her tits were heaving! She was moaning and groaning with a passion that had been loosed from all restraint and knew no bounds! Jewel screamed an overpowering carnal growl at the height of her climax! It seemed like my heart stopped beating for a second as I felt the power of her orgasm!

Sexy milf feet. It was awesome! We all lingered at the pinnacle of our lust for a few seconds, reveling in the sexual high.

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