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Lioness' heart began to hammer in her chest.

She wanted to look away at least, but her enhanced vision was transfixed on the couple ten feet below her.

She was beyond thankful for her kevlar-lined suit, else they'd surely hear the rhythmic pounding of her heart. Nami webcam porn.

The couple kissed intensely, groping each other, pulling and tugging at their clothes.

Their kiss broke and they both giggled excitedly.

The man kissed the woman's neck and her lust poured out of her in gasps and sighs as she hurriedly opened the man's trousers. Best sex web cams.

As she withdrew his member, even from ten feet away, Lioness could see that this man was healthily endowed.

She felt embarrassed, nervous and scared, yet still could not remove her gaze from the lovers.

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Lioness, while still a virgin, was not completely naive and was fully aware of the arousal she could feel building in her pubic region.

She felt so guilty.

She was secretly watching two young lovers in an intimate moment, unable to remove herself and she was becoming aroused. Emma lovett webcam.

She felt so conflicted.

The man below, having his impressive manhood greedily stroked by his lady, hurriedly lifted her skirt and removed her panties by tearing the material clean in two. Sexyboss96 private.

The woman whimpered and gasped.

She held his face and seared her lust into his eyes before kissing him with more intensity than Lioness (or her alter ego) had ever witnessed.


Unable to help herself, Lioness slowly and softly began to roll her hips on the wall. Sex video jennifer.

Her pubis rubbed against the cold, hard stone stimulating her clitoris.

The woman pulled her lover's intensely erect penis to her sex opening and when his engorged helmet penetrated her feminine gender for the first moment her mating call into the night was loud, guttural and so arousing for Lioness. Blue angel anal sex.

The man giggled and covered his woman's mouth, who just gasped and breathed hard and tried to ride her man's cock.

The man retained his hand over her mouth and slowly began pushing his rigid shaft deep into the woman's body.

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Lioness sat mesmerized, her sex blossoming in her tight suit against the wall and listened to the woman's muffled moans and cries as her vagina was invaded by her lover's large penis.

Finally, the man was fully embedded in her sex canal. Sexvideochat html5.

He began thrusting hard, grunting into the humid night, making his mare moan in burning pleasure completely unaware he was being viewed by super-vision.

Lioness rolled her hips quicker, almost dry humping the wall. Sex slut in irvine.

Her arousal was so intense in her she wanted that man's penis inside her there and then.

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