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I just hate being a slave to it.

" "I don't know if you realize, but we're all slaves to our food.

You're not unique in that category.

If we don't eat, we die.

If you don't drink, you die.

" "Yes, but when you eat a bowl of cereal, does it drain the life out of someone else?" "Obviously not. Jennifer lopez sex scene video.

Unless it's Lucky Charms and that little leprechaun guy--" "And when you eat a bowl of cereal, do you practically orgasm?" Karrina interrupted her.

"Depends on whether my girl’s under the table while I'm eating.

" "Oh my God.

Why do I even try?" "Because deep down you're a masochist?" That at least got a snort of amusement from the vampire.

"I must be.

" -- Becca was starting to get nervous. Online webcam sex video.

It was way past the time Karrina usually came stalking into the den in a frenzy.

Sister webcam strip. Karrina

Two days past, to be exact.

She tried to tell herself that Karrina had probably just ended up going somewhere else, but the nagging feeling that the vampire was starving herself kept poking at her. Angelicxxxx webcams no sign up.

Her fears were allayed and confirmed at the same time when the doors opened and an unconscious Karrina was being carried inside by two women.

She was over to them in a heartbeat.

"What's wrong with her?" she asked, trying to sound casual, but her voice betrayed her and broke more than once within the four-word sentence.

"You must be Becca," Dana said with a grunt of effort as she tried to hand Karrina over.

"Are you mad? Bambi porno hd. I'm not a vampire, I can't hold her up by myself when she's out cold! Follow me," she said, clearly unhappy as she led them through the doors to the back.

Sister webcam strip. Karrina

She continued on to her and Karrina's usual room, motioning to the sofa.

"Lay her down.

What happened?" "It seems our dear Miss Winston doesn't know the meaning of 'Jesus Christ, eat something before you waste away'," Dana’s girlfriend explained. Hitomi sex video.

Dana growled at her.

"Stop making jokes.

" "That wasn't a joke.

" "So she's not injured, just starving?" Becca asked, reaching for the nightstand drawer and her Swiss Army knife again.

"Correct," Dana confirmed.

"And who are you?" Becca asked as she made a cut on her wrist. Kira parvati sex.

It would be easiest to feed Karrina from a source she could maneuver.

"I'm her partner.

" Becca stopped breathing, stopped moving, stopped existing for the briefest of moments before she slid her cool mask back into place and held her wrist to Karrina's mouth.

Sister webcam strip. Karrina
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The girlfriend didn't miss a thing.

"Not that kind of partner, sweetie," she whispered.

"They're in the FBI.

" Dana gave one of those one-syllable laughs like "heh" and shook her head.

"You thought I meant.


One psychopath is enough for me.

Becca tried to put all her focus in making sure enough blood was getting into Karrina's mouth. Sex scandal wikipedia.

When it seemed to be taking too long, she made the cut bigger.

Finally she saw the vampire's eyelids starting to flutter.

"It's working," she said, her voice flooded with relief.

Suddenly Karrina's eyes flew open and the only things she was aware of were fresh, sweet blood pouring into her mouth and the muscle-wrenching pain throughout her entire body. Doublegirls frw sex cat webcam online fre mobile.

Sister webcam strip. Karrina

Becca's eyes widened when she saw how black Karrina's were.

She'd never seen Karrina's eyes look like that, even when she was in a frenzy.

"Karrina?" she whispered.

Karrina was vaguely aware of someone speaking, but her entire being was focused on the blood at her mouth, and her fangs sank in deep. Porno obrazky na android.

She couldn't get enough.

Becca gasped when she felt Karrina's fangs, but honestly she was just grateful the vampire was waking up.

A few minutes later Karrina grabbed her wrist and held it tightly while she shot upright on the sofa.

Karrina was finally aware enough to at least know it was Becca's blood she was drinking. Hot4cumshotts sex cam wp8.

She had no idea how she got here, but she didn't care one way or another.

She drank like she'd never had a drop of blood in her life.

"I want to feel you," she murmured against the broken skin at her lips.

Sister webcam strip. Karrina

Becca wasn't sure what that meant so she offered her throat. Angelhaven free webcam xxx no regisation.

Karrina's hands went to the human's waist and fingertips dug sharply into her hip bones.

"No," she said, grabbing the waistband of Becca's jeans on either side and trying to tug them down.

"Your thighs.

I want-- I need-- please," she gasped desperately.

Not sure what to say, Becca debated whether to allow it, and finally unbuttoned her pants. Posiciones sexuales placenteras para la mujer.

Karrina groaned and pushed them down as far as she could, which was around Becca's knees, then maneuvered Becca onto her back and crawled over her, dropping her head between the gasping woman's legs and biting hard into the soft, smooth flesh of her thigh. Free webcams.

Sister webcam strip. Karrina

She groaned in appreciation, her mouth burning with the need to consume.

Dana took that as their cue to leave and practically dragged her gawking girlfriend out the door.

It was an entirely new sensation for Becca.

She had never offered such an intimate part of herself to one of her clients. Single milfs want sex hobbs.

She threw her head back, writhing beneath the vampire, not to get away, but simply from an inability to hold still because it felt so good.

When she started to get dizzy and a little too weak, she pushed at Karrina's head.

"That's enough," she said.

Karrina was crazed by now and barely aware Becca was even speaking. 1lola77 webcam.

But she felt the push and backed off, though it took every single ounce of self-control she had in her to do it.

Sister webcam strip. Karrina

Surprised but pleased, Becca grabbed a cloth from the table and held it to her thigh.

"I'm still hungry," Karrina growled after a minute or two.

"Just wait awhile, darling, and you can have me again," Becca said fondly.

"I promise. Chiuat usa sex 18.

Just sit with me and wait.

Thank you, Karrina, for stopping when I needed you to.

" "Why are your pants down?" As soon as she asked the question her memory served her and she hid her face.

"Oh my God.

Sister webcam strip.