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When Tink was ready to revisit reality she opened her eyes and a sudden thought struck her like a lightning bolt, causing her to gasp and shiver at the same time! In this field of wildflowers, hundreds of honey bees gathered nectar.

Tink sat up to observe them while the idea took shape in her mind. Free sex exib cam.

Looking about her, Tink saw a small whiskey flask that some sailor had carelessly dropped along the path to the dock.

A tiny dram of the amber liquid lay at the bottom.

Tink emptied the whiskey on the earth, lay the flask close to the wild flowers and waited. Chat cyber sex wife webcam hidden.

In due course, a honey bee flew to the mouth of the flask and alighted just inside the neck.


From there it walked forward, entering deeper into the flask.

Tink quickly inserted the cork into place and the bee was her captive.

Fairly quickly, the bee fell into a fitful state of drugged hibernation. Dorothy stratten sex.

Because a bee’s flight demands so much oxygen for the muscles driving their wings, they absorb it directly through their skin.

With the vapors of the last bit of whiskey in the air, the bee had grown quite intoxicated in scant seconds and he lay sleeping in the flask. Live local sex chats no cc registration.

Tink looked lovingly at the bee for she felt great empathy for all winged creatures.

She was now this bee’s master and she loved him.

Kissing the flak, close to the sleeping form of the bee, Tink tucked it into the belt of her tunic, picked up her chains and wire and completed her walk to the ship an directly to the Captain’s cabin.

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She stopped twice to pull the cork briefly and then replace it so as to offer her pet a change of air.

Her Master was busy with the crew and Tink spoke lovingly to the bee.

My beautiful pet, I love you.

A bee’s life is a short one and I will miss you terribly but in a few minutes you will die to bring me as your Master great pain and pleasure. Cute teen webcam tube.

Tink paused, just a bit jealous of her pet for she would gladly offer her life for her own master’s pleasure.

She lit two candles, to prepare the setting and took a small drinking glass from a shelf and cleaned it spotlessly to honor her bee.

She lowered the top of her tunic exposing her breasts. Sex bomb bath bomb review.


Which one, she thought.

Of course, close to my heart.

Tink took a jar from the shelf and dabbed a small drop of sugared water onto her left nipple.

Then she pulled the cork from the flask and gently slid her bee into the glass and held it firmly to her breast. Irreene www xxx malayalam video voice sex com.

Wake up my pet, Tink spoke gently and lovingly.

In perhaps a minute, the bee came to in the fresh air of the glass and he took flight, buzzing about the glass before landing on Tink’s breast and spiraling lightly towards her nipple.

Tink thrilled at the soft feel of bee’s legs as he made the brief journey. Ptich-ka online live sex video chating.

A last meal for you my live, Tink said as the bee began sampling the sugared water on the very tip of her nipple.


Goodbye and thank you my pet; I love you, said a reverent Tink as she suddenly slapped a fingernail against the side of the glass frightening bee. Sexcam accounts 2019.

In a completely uncontrollable instinctive reaction, bee thrust his barbed stinger into the flesh beneath him and his abdomen convulsed as his venom coursed into Tink.

Pulling away, bee felt a terrible pain as his abdomen ripped open and he lay dying on Tink’s areola. Free online sex chats with robots.

A deep, burning pain invaded Tink’s tender nipple as the venom did its work and she shivered in pain and delight.

Thank you my love, oh thank you!’ Tink breathed through the grateful tears in her soft blue eyes.

The burning in her nipple was both terrible and exquisite.

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Once composed, Tink removed the stinger and cradled Bee’s deceased body lovingly in her hand and she kissed him.

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