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They looked older than the rest, about nineteen or so, and through my eyes, not so threatening.

They were boys, after all, boisterous and attention-seeking twits.

I approached them with calm and the silence invaded the space between us.

I stared and behind my sunglasses I saw them well. Sexy naked blonde pics.

I smiled.

At once, I sensed their sudden fear.

"They're fake," the tallest said and stepped forward, away from his anxious peers.

"Dude, it ain't Halloween.

Why are you dressed like you're from the Addams family?" "Don't you like my attire?" I asked and brought a hand to my face. Teens caught on camera having sex.

I was seconds away from exposing my eyes, but my hand stopped in midair.

I could not spoil the show at such an early stage.


The boy laughed.

This encouraged the others to relax a little and they laughed along.

It encouraged me also.

I laughed the loudest and silence reigned once more.

"I don't understand why you don't like my attire," I said, staring down at myself.

"Too black?" "Too weird.

" another said.

"Ah," I smiled once more, widely, absolutely sure my teeth would not miss anybody's sight.

"But you see, I don't care what you have to say about me. Sexy mature ladies.

And you know why that is?" "Why?" the tallest said, a slight quiver in his voice.

"Because I could rip your hearts out faster than it would take you to call for help.

" They shifted anxiously, waiting for their leader's response.

He stood there, perhaps too frightened to move a muscle, and his forehead was moist, and his heart beating so fast I could not count how many beats there were.

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I smiled one more time, and this time, I did remove my sunglasses.

It was dark, but I imagine they all saw the glinting red glare with clarity.

They turned and ran, all five of them down the damp alleyway that led to the back of the theatre and I followed swiftly, my attention focused on the last of the five, stumbling over toppled trash cans his peers ahead of him knocked down in their desperate attempt to flee. Hookers fuck in metcalf illinois il.

He fell at last, brusquely on his hands and knees and before he felt the air leave his chest, I was above him, my foot on his neck, restraining him.

"What is your name?" I asked, resting my forearm on my knee.

"Fuck you!" he yelled and whimpered when I pressed my foot down harder.

"I ask again, what is your name?" "Mark!" "Now, you see, Mark?

Mikalicious69 messenger www xxx sex. The consequence of laughing at other people who did nothing to offend you?" He mumbled something inaudible.

I leaned in further and said, "Forgive me, I didn't hear that.

" "Sorry.

" "Sorry, who?" "Sorry.

sir!" "Sir?" I leaned my head back and laughed into the night.

"You may call me Mr. Mom live sex cam.

Dexter," I removed my foot and dragged the boy on his feet.

"I take great pleasure in murdering those who annoy me, but this time I will spare a life because I pity you so," "I'm so sorry, sir--Mr.

Dexter, it won't happen again--" "--In exchange for a token.

" "What?" "Your blood.

" "What?" The boy, so inexperienced and so terribly dimwitted had no idea what I was talking about.

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And so I helped myself.

He was a little hesitant at first, stuttering about his sexual preferences and assuring me with everything he had that his only interest was 'pussy'.

He had to be quiet.

I had to make him behave orderly.

So I turned his head and sank my sharp teeth into the side of his neck, where the mother vein is located. Sexy asian suck dick load cumm on face.

Instantly, the boy screamed, something I had not anticipated.

Furiously, I slapped a hand over his mouth, whilst I sucked, the hunger and pain slowly decreasing, my mouth flowing with precious blood.

It ran down my throat like fire and at once, I felt almost alive. Wwe naked and fucking girl.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, it was oblivion I was feeling, something pure yet very carnal, and I was lost, unable to control myself and my actions, until something very strange made me part from his neck.


The boy was looking down at his own self, a painful expression etched across his face, as though he were actually witness to a horrible spectacle. South africa live adult webcams.

I had felt it.

I removed my sunglasses, as I had done before, and the boy ignored his fear when he looked into my eyes.

I smiled.

"My sexual encounters consist solely of the presence of a woman.

Can you say the same?" One hand shot straight to his fiery-induced groin, the other, over the fresh wound on his neck. Twink internal creampie porn fuckbook 2018.

He looked startled.

"What did you do to me?" his voice echoed around us.

"I have only enjoyed the taste of your blood," I answered calmly.

"It seems you rather enjoyed yourself too.

" "No.

" he turned on his heel and made to run from me, but I pulled him back and thrust him against the wall.

"No, no, Mark, I haven't finished with you yet.

" "Let me go!" he yelled and fought against my iron grip.

"Not just yet.

" I plunged yet again in that deep abyss I knew so well; I bit him all over, unable to control my urge, on his neck, his wrists, his chest.

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I left him weak and bloody in the alleyway when I felt he couldn't be subjected to anymore pain.

His sobs lingered on, even when I stepped out of the alleyway and back into the world and once leaving him behind, I realized that I was still as ravenous as I was before feasting on his blood. 2 girls webcam strip.

I'd had enough of silly children.

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