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Oh, mom… that’s going to make me… ejaculate in your mouth, Tyler said, trying to use proper language as he warned his mom what her blow job skills were going to cause.

Julie momentarily lifted her mouth from his penis and said, Honey, you don’t have to say ‘ejaculate’… you can say you’re going to cum in my mouth, and that’s what I want you to do. Usa sex com live.

Okay, Tyler groaned as his mom began sucking him again.

He couldn’t believe she actually wanted him to shoot off in her mouth, and that pushed him even closer to the edge.

Now Julie cupped her son’s balls in her hand as she began sucking him in earnest. Gay free webcam live.

She could feel their weight and knew he was going to cum in buckets.

Her taste buds tingled with the anticipation of having a full load of his sweet young sperm filling her mouth, and that thought had her pussy trembling.


Just as Tyler thought nothing could possibly feel better, Julie wrapped her free hand around the base of his prick and began moving it in rhythm with her mouth. Xxxno sex.

Now her soft lips, wet tongue, warm mouth and stroking hands were working as one, and it was all getting to be too much for the inexperienced teenager.

The pressure in his groin had built like a shaken champagne bottle, and when his mom took the head of his penis into her throat, the cork erupted. Sex egypt.

Oh mom, I’m cum… I’m CUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGGG, Tyler screamed as his cock came alive in his mother’s mouth, flooding it with powerful jets of thick, creamy ejaculate.

The first spurt was so powerful that it shot straight into Julie’s throat, and she had no choice but to swallow.

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So much sperm was pumping into her mouth that some was leaking past her sealed lips, but she kept sucking and bobbing her head, wanting her son’s first blow job to be unforgettable.

But the sweet taste and creamy texture of her son’s precious discharge was also having a profound effect on her, and without so much as touching her pussy, she had a spontaneous orgasm of her own. Army sexy babe pusy.

Now mother and son were cumming together.

Tyler cried out with pleasure each time another contraction behind his balls pumped more of his virgin seed into his mom’s mouth, and Julie moaned around her son’s pulsing shaft as spasms of pleasure quaked deep in her cunt as the first hands-free orgasm she ever experienced rocked her body.

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The rich, thick spunk exploding from Tyler’s spurting cock was even sweeter than what she had licked from his stomach just minutes earlier.

It was right from the tap; still warm and fresh, and just like Jamie’s, it had the silky smooth texture that an older man’s sperm just didn’t seem to have. Adult webcam girls.

As Julie savored the last of his son’s copious ejaculation like it was a fine wine, Tyler could feel the muscles in his groin finally starting to relax.

He had never had such a powerful orgasm, and while he still wasn’t sure exactly how it had all come about, he had never been happier. Sexy college girl for free dating.

He could still feel his mom’s warm mouth nursing his cock, and the muscles in her throat contracting as she swallowed the last of his discharge.


Then, after sucking any residual from his now softening shaft, Julie let his shrinking penis slip from between her lips and moved up until she was lying next to him. Sex chat room.

At first, they lay together in silence, and when Julie finally realized she was probably going to have to speak first, she said, So how did you like your reward? It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt, the teenager answered, and then he said, But mom… what did this mean? Sexy asain cam. That was the question that Julie feared because she didn’t really have an answer.

So she thought for a second, and then she said, Tyler, it means everything… and it means nothing.

What, her son asked, even more confused than he was before he asked the question. Onlinesexchat com.


Honey, it means everything because it is a very special bond that you and I will share for the rest of our lives, Julie answered, and then she added, And it means nothing, because nothing has changed.

What we shared was a physical expression, but we are still mom and son, and emotionally we have to be the same people we were before and live our lives as we did before it happened. Webcam masturbation amateur.

Do you think you’re mature enough to do that? Yeah mom, I think I am, Tyler answered with a smile, and then he added, So, do you think we can ever do it again? Julie laughed and said, I knew that was coming; I just didn’t think it would come this fast. Free webcam sex chat with straingers.

Then she said, Look, honey, I think the best thing we can do is not plan things, or count on it happening again.


One of us may decide tomorrow that it should be a one-time thing, and if that happens, the other needs to respect that.

So why don’t we just enjoy the rest of today and not worry about tomorrow? Chennai sex vid chat. Okay, mom, Tyler answered, and then he said, So when are the Bradleys coming over? They’ll be here at noon, Julie said with a mischievous grin on her face, and then she said, I think you’re just looking forward to seeing Mrs.

Bradley’s big boobs in a bikini. Usa auntey wabcam sex com.

Tyler laughed and said, Why? I saw them naked yesterday.

Touche’ wise guy, Julie replied, elbowing her son in the ribs, and then they got up and started getting ready for the Bradleys arrival.

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