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But cave in she did.

Yes Mum, you are right of course, as usual.

She said and realised how she gave her own bottom an involuntary rub, in anticipation she supposed.

Good! Marion said emphatically, So let’s go back and tell the others shall we and you had better make your agreement sound good or else young lady. Angel sex vid.

Marion hadn’t missed her daughter rubbing her bottom and knew she would be rubbing it far more quickly once she had been put across her lap for a while.

The two women left the kitchen and went back to the living room.

Jonathan was looking on uneasily as Jennifer had clearly spanked Daniel non-stop since they had left the room and his bottom was a bright red, with bruising, Daniel was crying hard, tears were streaming down his cheeks, and even Jennifer looked flushed with her exertion.

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Jennifer looked up as the two women re-entered the room but did not let up her spanking.

The sound of hard wood landing squarely on bare bottom continued to flash around the room with Daniel’s gasps and sobbing following those sounds as the two women stood again watching the spanking although Jennifer noticed how Marion seemed rather more bubbly than the now subdued Carol. Sex live jasmine.

Jennifer focussed on her boyfriend’s bottom again, turning it an even darker red before deciding Daniel had paid enough for his rudeness and stopped.

Daniel kept crying and Jennifer tried to hush him by rubbing his bottom and as usual felt his penis harden as he calmed down and hoped they would adjourn to the bedroom.

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Slowly Daniel recovered and eased himself up from his girlfriends lap and then the stinging ache in his bottom took over and he madly rubbed his bottom cheeks, not caring his erection was there for all to see.

Jonathan’s eyes flew wide open when he saw the erection. Youaremyfirst live sex chat without signup.

How could that be? Spanked so hard but still ready for sex.


Marion wasn’t surprised at all, neither was Carol.

Both had felt wet between their legs when they watched the hand spanking and regretted missing most of the spanking given with the hairbrush. Webcams female muscle in room.

Mind you Marion was now already looking forward to spanking her daughter although Carol was hoping there would be some cold cream around to rub in to her bottom as the memories of many long hard spankings from her Mum flowed back through her mind.

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Marion announced in a strong cheerful voice that sounded conclusive, Jennifer, Carol and I have had a discussion and agreed she needs to be disciplined for being so rude to me this morning. Free iowa singles want to fuck.

Jennifer looked stunned but said nothing.

Daniel was still rubbing his bottom too intently to have heard.

Jonathan’s face though was a picture, but horrified at the same time.

Yes, and from now on I will be spanking Carol whenever she earns it, just as I used to. Free exibitionist webcams.

I will be using the rules I had for her when she lived at home so suspect she will be making numerous trips across my lap over the coming months.

Marion looked at Carol who swallowed hard, blushed, was obviously reluctant but said in a somewhat pathetically faltering voice, Yes Mum is quite right.

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