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The wait did something to her; the pain transformed into this erotic thing that took up residence in her core.

Her hips began to move of their own volition, rocking in a desperate need to feel the pleasure that he could give her.

Finally he moved.

The withdrawal fired along her nerves, fresh sweat broke out on her skin at the painful pleasure. Free sexe cam live no required email.

He thrust back in, filling her beautifully and bowing her back at the sensation.

Big hands dug into her hips, spreading her wide for his measured advance.

She knew he watched the way his cock split her.

Her body came alive.

So full of him, so full.

Touch yourself, he grunted out. Pcket sex clip.

I want to feel you cum around me.


Her fingers flew and circled and dipped.

She was so wet she squelched as she pumped three fingers into her needy cunt.

Burning, she was on fire, hot all over, and desperate to come with him buried in her ass.

The pounding was endless, punishing, and so damn good she couldn’t think. Titanic-tits www tamil sexchating.

He grunted and groaned as he took her.

His cock invading and completing her, delivering such intense pleasure.

Come, he demanded.


I want to feel you.

She pinched her clit hard, sending a bolt of lightning through her that pushed her over the edge.

Unintelligible words poured from her lips as her body clamped down around him, bringing him closer to the edge. Sexe webcam animals with girls.


He groaned, his hips moving erratically, his cock growing impossibly large inside of her.

The slap of their flesh echoed in her head as he surged forward one last time, holding her still for the spurt of his cum.

She brimmed with it, his spunk flowing out and down her thighs like a fountain of life. Free cam cybersex no sign up.

God, I love it when you let me have you like that.

He placed a kiss on her back, her body sinking to the wet sheets.

Love you for giving me so much.

Love you, too.

Her moan was barely audible as he pulled out of her.

More warm liquid trickled out, but she was too boneless to care. Xxx usa teen sexy chat free.

She floated between wakefulness and sleep as he moved around the room.


When the wet rasp of a washcloth touched her skin, she surfaced enough to protest.

No, he admonished as he pressed her back down.

Let me take care of you the way you take care of me.

She smiled at him, thinking the soft ache of her body was more than worth it. Sexy nurce striptease xxx picsture.

It was a typical day at the office for Ann, a 50-something married brunette.

Paperwork and more paperwork! The only thing that was making her day a little less boring were the glances she was getting from one of her male colleagues that occupied the office next to hers. Sexsi video movie.

Every time she walked past him she could feel his eyes burning into her crotch and she knew he craved what lay beneath her skirt and knickers.


Ann had fucked this colleague before but despite both swearing they would never indulge again, sometimes the urge was too tempting to resist. Online sex multiplayer games.

Today was one of those days and it was clear to Ann her colleague needed to bury his cock in one or more of her holes.

This thought alone was beginning to make Ann's tight, shaven cunt tingle with excitement and it wasn't long before she could feel herself becoming wet with desire. Meet flint fuck buddy.

The only thing stopping Ann and her colleague from enjoying an afternoon of sex was their co-workers.

If any of them knew of their lust for each other, or worse still, discovered them performing a sexual act, one or both of them would lose their jobs.


Not that they hadn't fucked in the office before - far from it - but the thought of someone walking in on them had always prevented them from being able to relax and make the most of each other's intimate parts. Boy sex online.

As the afternoon wore on, Ann was becoming more and more desperate for her colleague and she decided she needed something of him inside her.

On several occasions she had sucked his delicious cum from the tip of his cock and had loved the way it made her feel so dirty. Petrahott webcam chat live girl.

It was his cum that she craved now and it wasn't long before she'd figured out a plan to get some.

Quickly she scribbled on to a piece of paper: "I need to taste your cum.

Get some drinks and cover the rim of my glass with some!" Then, without hesitation, she walked into her colleague's office and placed the note in front of him before retreating back to her desk.

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Thirty seconds later Ann heard her colleague asking his co-workers if they wanted a drink, before entering her office, picking up her glass and giving her a coy smile.

Her plan had worked! As the minutes went by she imagined him downstairs working his 8" cock between his hands until a thick stream of cum was ejaculated on to the rim of her glass. Vvp77 online webcam chating.

She could also picture him rubbing his thick, purple dome over it and squeezing his shaft until every drop was deposited ready for her to devour.

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