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Rayne stretched, took another sip of her highly caffeinated energy drink, and stalked to the detention area.

After making sure all lock mechanisms were in place, she opened the huge door. Soldierstepan tamil gril sex chat online.

Rayne crossed her arms and leaned against the wall opposite Ecio, focusing.

His powerful body, clothed only in the shorts they had for the prisoners, pulled taut against his bindings, which held him to the wall.

It was like watching a panther or some other wild, stalking creature testing its bindings. Online telugu sex chat.

His eyes met hers.

She held her breath without thinking about it, as the impact of his expression hit her hard.

It was a combination of different emotions which emanated from his eyes, all of them feral and heady.

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It had been a long time, longer than she could remember, since anyone had an effect on her.

Rayne had closed herself off to everyone, and her senses had dulled enough that sexual attraction simply was not a part of her thinking any longer. Pantyhose webcams hd.

The walls she had erected around herself were strong, and this career combined with her reputation only reinforced the concept.

The fact that he had an effect fueled anger from deep within her, that he could have an impact at all was quite infuriating. Sweetydolly 3ds sex cams.

She had allowed these emotions to lead her on this one, so she would feel no guilt with gaining whatever information was necessary.

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He would pay, oh yes.

He would pay.

She walked over to her case, slowly and confidently, allowing him to see her every move. Lilipink18 onlay sex chat russki.

She opened it, glancing at her toys within.

No gag for this one, she wanted to hear every moan or utterance he might emit.

She ran her hands along her whip, stroking it as she picked it up.

This was her forte; she was extremely dexterous with it. Arabicdream online video call to sexy gril.

Unlike some of her acquaintances (she called them that because she had long ago given up on the idea of true friends) she used the whip to elicit pleasure instead of pain.

The threshold between the two begins to blur anyway, she mused, when the pleasure moves to the level of the extreme.

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In short, she derived a lot of satisfaction in driving her subjects crazy, then watching them once they were released.

Male, female, it didn’t matter.

They were all tested to the limit, exposed to both fear and desire, and the results she got were generally quite extraordinary. Porno sex.

All her colleagues saw were her tools and toys, never were they allowed to see how she actually used them.

Thus her scary reputation.

It was fine with her, let them keep their distance. Zozosex chat com.

Her whip trailing on the floor beside her, Rayne flicked it several times, hearing the cracking sound reverberate in the room from its contact with the floor.

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