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Isha wanted revenge and boy, was she going to get it.

Dining in her husband’s restaurant with another man while he was away and then taking him back to the marital home! I have your address, Bill.

I’ll get one of the waiters to come and collect you.

Is 7:00 pm convenient? Sex live chat gril online. I was starting to shake now.


that would be fine, I answered.

I’ll be wearing a dark blue and yellow Kurti, she said.

Sunita says that you like our traditional wear and I’ll have a Bindi too! She had me stammering once again.


that will be fine.

But what is a Kurti? Allysonswwan1 webcamambush sexs. It’s what you might call a shirt dress, she explained.

Our men wear a Kurta which is like a long collarless shirt.


I see, I responded.

Well, I’m sure that you’ll look very.

nice in it.

I hope so.

Sunita says that you are a man of taste and she has been very precise about some of them, Bill. Mobile sex cam stranger.

I hope that I won’t disappoint.

I know how firm you can be.

Now I had a huge erection.


I’m sure that you won’t disappoint Isha.

She was silent for a moment.


if there’s anything else that comes to mind later please let Sunita know.

We speak regularly and we are very close friends. Dimvolk851 chat sex arabe.

See you Saturday, then.

The call ended and I was left stunned as well as very aroused.

‘Phew, these Indian women aren’t backward at coming forward.

’ I thought to myself.

And neither were they to be crossed.


Isha was a wife out for revenge and this was going to a very public one for her husband Rakesh. Hot sexy sex games.

I almost felt sorry for the poor bastard.

The sound of the doorbell brought me back to the present.

It was Cherie.

I wasn’t expecting her to arrive so soon but I was glad.

I had needs to be met.

I haven’t had time for a shower yet, I told her after we kissed. Teens ass dildo webcam.

Me neither, she said.

I thought that we could take a bath before dinner.

I bought a bottle of bubbly too.

I smiled.

This was the office Miss Prim and Proper talking to me.

Well, what you waiting for then? she asked heading to the kitchen with our takeaway dinner and drink. Sexy catwoman adult costume.

Get naked and start running the bath.


Ten minutes later as I lay in the bath Cherie walked in naked with two glasses of bubbly.

I reached up and took a glass from her.

You know they all think you are very aloof back at the office.

A bit prim and proper.

She laughed as she climbed into the bath facing me. Sexy blonde milf.

But I am very prim and proper, she said with a smile.

I slid my foot between her legs and touched her sex with my big toe.

Her pussy lips opened up for me and I felt her juicy wetness.

Do you masturbate? I asked.

She nodded.

Quite a lot, yes.

Why? Do it for me now please. Female seeking sex chat with thugs.

Only if you do it for me as well afterwards.


Cherie handed me her glass and sat back and touched herself.

The last woman that I had seen do this was my ex-sister-in-law.


I found very enthralling and exciting watching her touch and bring herself to an orgasm. Video sex super hero.

She had enjoyed that moment of abandonment and exhibitionism as well.

Cherie was enjoying the moment as well and closed her eyes as she began to rub her sex.

I pushed my foot forward again and touched her sex.

That’s it, Cherie, I said softly.

Cum for me, think of the fucking I am going to give you and cum for me. Google sex chat.

I watched her spending the next five or so minutes softly moaning to herself as she rubbed her clitty then suddenly started to buck and writhe and cry out loudly.

Cherie came for me.

With face flushed she opened her eyes and looked at me.

Your turn now.

I had masturbated many times but this would the first that I had done it in front of anybody else before.

Sex girl chit video.

I wasn’t shy though.

I too closed my eyes and gripped my erection.

My thoughts turned to Isha, the shy, virginal Indian girl that I was going to be fucking on Saturday night.

It was going to bring special pleasure to me fucking this married lady.

She sounded very pliable and only too willing to please me. Srilankan nude girls in sex action videos.

Also, I didn’t like the man and he had hurt his wife.

It was going to be very pleasurable fucking her in his bed.

Not just in it but on his side of the bed too where I would ensure I left a nice wet patch.

I was hoping that she might have a bedside photograph of him as well so that I could look up at it as I filled her with my cum. Lianna1000 free random webcams.


Suddenly my filthy thoughts brought me to start cumming.

Cherie was watching and suddenly sat up and leant forward with mouth open.

Her lips just managed to close around the tip of my cock in time to receive my cum.

It was one of the most satisfying wanks I had ever had. She tricked him bisexual.

After a relaxing dinner and some wine, we went to bed for an early night and fucked twice before drifting off to sleep.

Once again she woke me by sucking my cock to an erection and then she mounted me for a much needed satisfying fuck.

Later that morning, she came into my office with some paperwork. Anonymous no signup sex chat.

This time there was a thank you card inside the folder.

It was just a plain card but inside were the words ‘Thank you for some wonderful fucking.


’ It was signed 'Cherie XXXX'.

I laughed.

I don’t think I can display this on my office cabinet, I said.

Once I’m divorced, you can, she replied. Sensual webcam anal.

It would ruin your reputation you know, I told her with a smile.

I don’t give a fuck about my reputation, she responded.

Woman looking sex dallas.