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As soon as it was light enough to travel again they were off once more, again moving as fast as possible.

Near the end of the second day out of the village, they reached the Jurua and quickly found that their boats were still hidden and safe.

They brought them out, loaded the boats with a few supplies and got ready to head back downriver. Wonder woman webcam.


Anderson turned to Tika to thank her for all her help.

Are you going back to the village after this?he asked.

No, I cannot go back.

I would be killed the same as you if I returned.

I have been banished,she said sadly.

What will you do? Where will you go then?he asked. Hot sexy girls getting naked.

I do not know,she said.


Anderson was stunned.


This woman who had done so much–had risked so much to help him and the others now had no place to call home and no one to help her.

She would be at the mercy of the jungle and a woman–or man–alone had little chance against the jungle predators. Online sex kamera.

Tika, you can come with us.

We are going back downriver to Macapa where our ship will take us home to Boston,he said.

Tika had never heard of Macapa and had only heard him talking about this Boston a couple of times, but she knew she couldn’t stay here alone in the jungle. Watch sex anime online.

I will go with you,she said.

She didn’t know what would become of her once she got someplace else, but it had to beat being torn apart by a leopard or alligator or something!

And so the American explorers and their beautiful Amazon guide headed back down the Jurua River toward home. Desktop porn sexy sfondi.

They didn’t have time to gather any supplies or water before heading out, wanting just to get some distance between them and the Yupanqui village, so after several hours of drifting downriver, they felt it safe enough to come ashore and hunt.

They had traveled two days on foot and most of another by boat so they were several miles from the Yupanqui territory. Chat sexgrils.

And there weren’t any more unfriendly villages close by so they could hunt in relative peace.

They got some meat courtesy of a couple of capybaras that they caught and killed and they got fresh water from a jungle brook.


They caught some fish when they stopped for the night. Cam 4 gay sex.

Back on the boats again they could sleep in the cabins instead of out in the rain which was a lot more pleasant for everyone.

And the further downriver they got, the higher everyone’s spirits got.

Everyone but Tika’s that is.


Anderson could tell that leaving her home–the only home she had ever known–was troubling her greatly. Sexy blonde porn movies.

One day she was sitting alone on the deck at the front of the boat.

All the other hands were working in the cabin or at the back of the boat.

So Dr.

Anderson went up front and sat down next to Tika.

Would you like some company, Tika?he asked.

Tika was learning a bit of English but there was still a lot she didn’t understand.

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But he motioned to sit down so she understood and scooted over.

Tika, I wanted to thank you again for all that you have done for us.

And I know that leaving your home is hard on you but I am not going to abandon you alone in an unfriendly place,he said. Free online mobile video sex find a f buddy for free no credit card needed.

Tell me more about… Bos-ton,she said.

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