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I moved a couple of paces away from his mount and handed Sheila the Court Order.

I casually aimed in PissWater's general direction as my chief examined the official-looking certificate.

"Keys please," I repeated and corrected my aim.

The lawman glanced over to the women holding his mounted deputies at gunpoint before he turned to confront Sheila.

"They are my prisoners," he repeated in plaintive defiance. Alexrstt porno russki online.

Belinda shrugged and slipped her weapon over her shoulder as she took the reins of Darlene's and Seraina's steeds and led them away from the group of uniformed constables.

"Hey! Those are my horses!" he sputtered as his face flushed with fury.

"Don't worry about it; I got a set of spares from one of the deputies.

" Sunlight flashed from the keys as my partner raised them above her head and gave them a musical jiggle.

"One size fits all," she laughed.

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Freed from her cuffs, Darlene rubbed her wrists and glared in the direction of the furious Marshal as she exchanged a "look" with StarShine's missing mother.

"Let's do it," Seraina muttered as the two freedwomen marched over to Fitzwater and, with no word of warning, yanked the surprised law enforcement officer to the ground with a dusty thud. Sex video online mp4.

Darlene proceeded to pummel him with a flurry of dancing kicks and backhanded slaps as Seraina lined up like an Olympic soccer player taking a game-winning shot and kicked his testicles into next Tuesday.

"This is for strip searching me," Seraina grunted.

"And this if for inviting your friends to watch," Darlene spit in the agonized face of her former jailer as he screamed and rolled into the fetal position and gasped for breath.

"The next time I see you, I will kill you.

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Do you understand me, little man?" she said as she reached between his thrashing legs and gave his genitals a mighty twist.

I cringed in involuntary sympathy, the poor guy was going to be pissing in bloody circles for the next week.

"Settle down; he'll live.

" Belinda tipped the point of her rifle in the direction of the men trying to control their nervous mounts.

"Enough!" Our leader pulled her distressed and angry companions to her side and wrapped them each in a loving embrace.

"You are safe.

" My boss huddled in hushed conversation with Seraina and Darlene for several minutes. Kikesexys need to chat with sexy pornstars.

I could hear their voices but not the words.

Sheila's face hardened as she turned, now and then to glower at the fallen sheriff.

"Give me a hand, Sky, get his boots," the commander said as she straddled over the Marshal and unbuckled his trousers and pulled them, along with his canary yellow boxers, to his knees.

"Maybe you'll think more than once before you violate another woman, but I doubt it," the Society's commander extended her hand and lifted the naked man unsteadily to his feet.

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Keep him covered, Sky.

I think perhaps his comrades might be overdressed.

Sheila patted my back and took Seraina's and Darlene’s hands in hers and, as a Prussian Army Officer, marched over to join Martha and Belinda.

Which of you is ranking deputy? Sheila asked as she crossed her arms and surveyed the four mounted riders under the Sisterhood’s detention. Web camera sex girls online.

As she spoke, her eyes narrowed in anger as she looked directly at the profusely sweating middle-aged wearing the twin silver bars of a Captain.

The man, who had been riding shotgun a few paces behind the Marshal, squirmed nervously atop his dappled gray mare, as his fearful eyes darted quickly from the Commander and the rifles aimed in his direction to his three companions.

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I noticed his fellow officers averted their eyes and did not respond to his silent plea for help.

Sheila hugged Seraina and Darlene to her side.

Were any of these men present during the Sheriff’s strip-search? Yes, and that fucking pig put his fingers up my ass, my lover from the snake cave hissed between clenched teeth as she pointed to the trembling Captain. Anal fucking chunky girl.

The Frost Queen returned Sheila’s nod, slung her rifle across her shoulder and walked to the side of the cringing Captain.

Don’t hurt me, I'll get down, he said as he started to dismount.

Allow me to help, Frosty grabbed his belt with both hands and with a powerful yank sent him crashing, ass first, to the rocky ground.

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Get up; you’re not hurt.

Cover me Sky, Belinda extended her hand and helped the fearful officer unsteadily to his feet.

What did you do to her? Sheila stepped forward with her rifle in her hands.

The commander’s face was an unreadable mask of anger.

Droplets of fear condensed on his forehead like the morning dew and dribbled into his blinking eyes and down his nose as an expanding stain of piss darkened the crotch of his khaki-tan trousers. Vip777 s bio and free webcam.

Please, he moaned in despair as he fought to stem the stream of steaming urine from running down his quivering legs, I didn’t do anything.

He put his fingers inside of me.

Those two men bent me over a desk and held my arms while that man spread my legs and held them apart so that Captain Chubby Cheeks could put his filthy fingers into my rectum and play with my asshole, Seraina said with a disgusted shiver of angry contempt.

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