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My eyes follow the hem of your dress up your legs.

The curve of your calf bends in to your knee, and then the curve moves outward again as your reveal your thighs.

You stop with your hands at your hips, and I can see in your eyes that you want to tease me a bit. Couples fantasy sex quiz.

You look so naughty standing there holding your dress up for me.

Higher, I say.

You pull your dress up to your waist slowly, and my breath catches in my chest as I realize you’re not wearing panties.

I smile and say, Good girl.

I can see your smooth mons, and the hint of your lips below. Best live free sex cams online.

I can see one end of a vine tattoo that looks to wind upward to your waist.

I can barely control myself.


Take your dress off and give it to me, I tell you.

Your cross your arms in front of you as you pull your dress upward and off, and then you extend an arm, offering the dress. Virtual jeux sex 3d dating.

I take it from you and bring the fabric to my face.

I can feel the residual heat from your body on my cheek.

I take a deep breath, and I can smell your lotion.

Unashamed, you leave your arms at your sides.

I imagine that you know I want to see you, to understand this part of your gift to me. Lesbine online sex tamil.

Your breasts are full, your delicate nipples hard.

I feel an ache to kiss your skin, but I stand and move to the far side of your bed.

I gesture with my head and say, Come here.

Stand in front of me and face the mirror.


You walk to me, and I put my hands on your hips. Ramya krishnan hot sexy sak photo.

I look over your shoulder, catching your eyes in the mirror.

I put my mouth near your ear and tell you, Cross your wrists behind you, pet.

You do as I say, and I methodically wrap your dress around and across your wrists, tying the ends to bind your hands. Chinese teen on webcam.

Standing behind you, I place my hands back on the front of your hips and slide them upward past your waist to the sides of your breasts.

I let my fingers trace under each breast, and over your nipples.

You push your back into me, and I cup under your breasts to pull you tight to me. Web cam sex sheyla hershey sheyla hershey.

With my fingers and thumbs I pinch your nipples and pull them away from you until you until you yelp.


I swat your ass and tell you, Up.

Get on the bed.

Stay on your knees.

I wrap my left hand over the front your neck, lifting your chin, while I bring my right hand down your back and over your ass to the top of your thigh. Free indian mobile sex chat site.

Spread your knees a little, I say.

I slide my fingers up the inside of your thigh and lightly trace your pussy, as if gesturing you to me.

I tease you slowly, letting you coat my fingers before I press more firmly and slide the edge of my finger and hand through your folds, back and forth. Sexy anna kournikova pictures.

I can feel your moans in my left hand.

Your pussy is so fucking wet, I say to your reflection.

Lie on the bed, I tell you.

Put your head down.


You move into position, and I help shift you on the bed just enough so you can see us in the mirror if you put your cheek down. Sex video skachat besplatno.

I press between your shoulders to urge your chest against the bed.

I slap the inside of your thigh and tell you, Spread your knees wider.

Arch your back.

Open yourself to me.

You do as commanded, and I see your pretty pink pussy shine in the light, lips full and parted like a lover wanting a kiss. Cougar webcam.

I caress the roundness of your ass, and dip my fingers through your parted folds and nudge your clit in a small circle.

Your start to rock your hips with my motion, your eyes pinched closed.

I let you fuck my hand until your breathing becomes ragged.


I pull my hand away and slap the right cheek of your ass sharply, enjoying your surprised cry, and then I rub the skin gently. Webcamadultvideos.

I spank and then caress your other cheek.

I repeat this, moving back and forth between your cheeks leisurely, spanking and rubbing, spanking and rubbing, your cries becoming sharper.

I start to move quicker, no longer caressing, but letting slaps follow slaps, continuing until your cheeks are pink. Webcam hardcore sex com.

I stop and slide my hands gently over your warm skin, waiting for you to settle.

I drag my fingernails up the backs of your thighs, and then I take a step back from you.

I unbuckle my belt and slowly pull it free.

I put the brass end on your lower back, holding it there with my left hand and letting the leather fall between your cheeks.

Smell and sexual attraction.

With my right hand I take the loose end and gently tap it side to side against the inside of your thighs.

I turn my hand upward and flick the belt against your pussy.

Though I haven’t hit you hard, the smack surprises you, and you gasp.

I slap again, a bit harder, and then twice more. Viktor0grayso arab web cam sex.

You cry out and roll your hips under you.

I press your back firmly to the bed and remind you, Keep your back arched.

You return to the position I want, and I’m proud of you.

You look so willing to please me, so submissive to my desire.

I slap the belt firmly against your pussy once more, and then I pull the belt by the loose end, dragging the buckle over you until it falls off your back to the bed with a clatter.

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I wait a few breaths and then unzip my pants slowly.

I pull my cock free and press the top of the shaft between your legs and up against your pussy, sliding it back and forth, wetting it.

I slap it upward against your lips, loving the sound of the wet smack.

Animal sex live with mobile.